Celebrating Pride Month on Two Wheels

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June is a month of vibrant celebrations, recognition, and solidarity for the LGBTQI+ community. As cities around the United States come alive with parades, festivals, and various events to mark Pride Month, one exhilarating way to join in the festivities is through bike riding. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, participating in bike riding events is a fantastic way to show your support and immerse yourself in the spirit of Pride. 

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Source: @pedalpaloozapdx

How To Support the LGBTQI+ Community During Pride Month

Participate in your local community events. Joining bike rides and other Pride events is a visible way to show your support and have fun!

Volunteer. Many Pride events rely on volunteers to run smoothly. Offering your time and skills can make a significant impact and help ensure the success of these celebrations.

Donate to LGBTQI+ organizations. Financial support is crucial for many nonprofits working to protect and advance LGBTQI+ rights.

Support LGBTQI+-Owned Businesses. Make a conscious effort to shop at businesses owned by LGBTQI+ individuals. This supports economic empowerment within the community and helps foster an inclusive marketplace.

Educate Yourself and others. Take the time to learn about the history and hardships of the LGBTQI+ community. Share this knowledge with friends and family to promote understanding and acceptance.

Advocate for Inclusive Policies. Use your voice to advocate for policies that support LGBTQI+ rights. This can include everything from anti-discrimination laws to inclusive healthcare policies.

Source: @pedalpaloozapdx

Key Bike Riding Events During Pride Month

Pride month is a great time to get outdoors and experience the joy of community events, both on the bike and off the bike. Some notable events to check out are:
June 9th Pride Ride NYC: New York City’s Pride Ride is one of the most prominent bike riding events during Pride Month. Organized by OutCycling, this event offers various routes catering to different skill levels, ensuring everyone can participate.
June 9th Kiddo Rainbow Unicorn Ride: Not in NYC? Join this kid-friendly rainbow ride in Tigard, Oregon. It’s fun, colorful excuse to get outdoors and ride!

June 18th WMNBikePGH Group Ride: A leisurely no-drop ride through the streets of Pittsburgh’s East End.  

June 21st SJBP Solstice Pool Party Ride: West Coaster’s this one’s for you! An all-inclusive bike ride/bike party. 

For more bike events happening throughout June and the remainder of summer, Pedalpalooza’s jam packed event calendar of community rides in Portland, Oregon.
Pride Month is a time to celebrate progress, honor history, and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQI+ community. Whether you're riding through city streets or supporting from the sidelines, every action counts. Grab your Po Campo bike bag, join the ride, and make this Pride Month one to remember!

Source: @pedalpaloozapdx

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