Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary


Nature will still be here once this is all over


You are not stuck at home, you are staying safe and healthy. You are working from home, repurposing the time that it took you to commute to work or school and using it to do other productive things - such as read a few pages of a book. You are sleeping a little more, which you always wanted, and enjoying your second cup of coffee without having to rush out the door. You are rediscovering crafts to keep yourself and your kids busy and discovering you have an artist in the house. You are learning how to make bread; the first couple of loaves are not great, but you grow a new appreciation for what before seemed like a very simple thing to make.



While at home life seems to be moving at snail-pace, outside something else is hard at work; slow-moving too, but oh so important. Clean air moves without competition to clear up the skies, seedlings set their roots and their chances of survival start looking up, rain washes down debris, and the Earth, uninterrupted for the first time in years, tries to heal


Especially at a time of year where nature lets its hair down and shows off in full bloom and color, it is normal to feel the itch to get out and resume normal life, but actually there is so much we can do for the Earth from the comfort of our homes. Part of helping the planet is becoming Earth Conscious. The best way to do that is to become educated and aware. Here are some ideas to fill some of your extra time and in the process become more connected with nature.

  • Enjoy some nature Podcasts
    • This is an awesome list - start with any of these. But you gotta give it to the BBC, love the accent!
  • Follow some amazing nature photographers on Instagram
  • Grow Some Food from your Food.
    • Grow food. We recommend turning the volume down on this one - the video is very instructional and helpful but the music - not so much. 
    • This one from Tasty has better music. Focuses on fruits
    • This video has a very soothing instructor to tell you what to do.
  • Give to a charity that supports the Planet.
    There are so many that it is difficult to recommend which one moves your heart. Spend the time you have now to research which ones speak to you. If you can’t donate money at this time, make a plan to donate time or whatever you can in the future. Check out the
    Earthday site for some inspiration.

While you #stayhome and enjoy some of these suggestions, know that you are doing so much more than just staying home. You are alleviating the workload of our healthcare workers, you are stopping the spread of a virus, you are protecting your family and loved ones, and you are giving nature space and time to do what it does best. 


Po Campo is a friend to the planet from keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, utilizing sustainable vegan fabrics to taking plastic out of our supply chain. Click here for our mission and views on sustainability. 

Give yourself and the Planet a hug this month. Stay safe everyone.


  • Rosario Davis

    Great ! Enjoy the moment once in the time.

  • Roberto Torres Martinez

    Vamos pa encima, conciencia !!!

  • Roberto Torres Martinez

    Vamos pa encima, conciencia !!!

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