Ep 5: Eco-Friendly Packaging, w/ Emily Taylor of Teeny Big

If our packaging is minimal but reliant on plastic polybags, does that mean it's not sustainable? In this episode, I talk with Emily Taylor of Teeny Big about what having eco-friendly packaging means, and I visit our warehouse to see what it would take to make a switch to recyclable packaging.

About This Episode

If Emily looks familiar, that is because she is a Po Campo Co-Founder. Both Emily and I worked together as packaging designers at Webb deVlam. Since then, I hav gone on to run Po Campo full-time and Emily has started her own strategy firm Teeny Big.

At the end of this episode, I browse the EcoEnclose website, which I encourage you to visit if you are in the market for some eco-friendly mailers. In addition to their product, they have a lot of resources on sustainable packaging, like comparing paper to plastic to bio-plastic. Yes, plastic beats paper on some sustainability metrics!

Conversation Questions

As we're going through this process, each episode makes me think of a few questions that I would love your input on. Feel free to leave your answers, or any other comments, below:

- Would you take a package to a store to recycle it?

- Do you think plastic packaging can be considered sustainable?

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