Five Women-Owned Brands We Love

For the team here at Po Campo, International Women's Day and Women's History Month are both so important to us. Not only are we women-founded and owned, but we are also women-run! 

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Today and every day, we want to take the time to thank all of the important women that have impacted our lives, both directly and indirectly. There are so many creative ways to honor this day. But we can also shop brands that are founded and owned by women today, this month, and all year round!  

Curious what brands we're shopping at today? Read on to find out!

Machines for Freedom, founded by Jennifer Kriske

Founded in 2014, Machines for Freedom is an inclusive women's cycling apparel brand designed to be a brand for all women - regardless of size and race. Designed at the intersection of athleticism and femininity, Machines for Freedom is for all women who ride.

Lupii, founded by Isabelle Steichen and Alexandra Dempster

Founded in 2020, Lupii offers snacks made out of the Lupini bean. Low-impact and sustainable, they are also a more efficient source of protein than animal products and make a perfect plant-based protein for healthy humans and a healthy earth.

ItsNola, founded by Margaret Barrow

ItsNola makes snacking healthy by creating uniquely flavored plant-based snacks. With 94-96% of people snacking 4-6 times a day, they believe that snacking healthy is now more important than ever.

Oiselle, founded by Sally Bergesen

One of the largest activewear brands around the world, Giselle is the official sponsor for a number of professional teams and supported by Olympians.

Revel Rider, founded by Nikki Wilkinson

"Mountain biking may be a male dominated sport, but there is no denying that women are a growing part of the action." Frustrated by the lack of awesome mountain biking apparel for women, Nikki Wilkinson decided to create her own.


What are some of your favorite women-owned brands? Shout them out!

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