How to Grocery shop with Orchard Grocery Pannier

Introducing bike riding into your lifestyle can be daunting at first but we’re here to make the transition from driving less to biking convenient and stress free! A great way to incorporate biking into your daily or weekly routine is by biking to the grocery store or local farmers market. Our Orchard Grocery Pannier makes carrying food and beverages from the market to back home super easy by securely fastening to the rear bike rack. Gone are the days of balancing shopping bags on your handlebars as they annoyingly swing around during your ride (we’ve all been there!). In this blog, we’ll be sharing our top tips on how to best use Orchard to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Bike riding to the store

One of the many awesome features of the Orchard Grocery Pannier is how it packs down flat when empty, which makes for convenient storage in your home. The bike attachments are still perfectly use-able even when flat packed, so hook your Orchard(s) onto your rear rack, put your helmet on and you’re good to go! 

Shopping with your Orchard

This is where Orchard's ability to pack down really comes in handy! If you’re at the grocery store either hook your bag(s) onto the shopping cart or place them inside - either way they take up minimal space leaving more room for the things you need. If you’re more of a market person, Orchard’s tote bag design features 2 handles that you can use to carry your empty bag(s) comfortably on your shoulder or arm while you shop.

Grocery Shop with Orchard Grocery Pannier

Packing your Orchard

Did you think the hook attachments only served one purpose? Think again! Our bags are designed for bike commuters by bike commuters, which means that even the smallest of details are considered. The hook attachments can also conveniently hook onto your shopping cart making packing your Orchard Grocery Pannier oh-so simple. And when you're done checking out, use the handles to carry you groceries out to your bike.

Attaching Orchard to your bike

Featuring a lower hook that attaches to the rack stays while the top hooks easily slide onto the top side of the rack. There’s a cinch hook to keep the bag closed and side straps that tighten the sides as much as needed to keep all your contents safely inside throughout your ride.

Away you go! 

And off you ride, stress free and comfortably with your Orchard(s) securely attached to your bike. Go to your local park for a picnic, a coffee break with friends or straight back home to unload your shop; no matter which route you take home, Orchard’s fuss-free attachment/detachment features and handles make the journey a breeze! So you can bike more, drive less and have fun in the process. Check out the full video on how to shop with Orchard Grocery Pannier here!

Grocery Shopping with Orchard Grocery Pannier
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