What’s the right bike pannier bag for you?

If you’ve ever used a bike pannier before, you’ll understand the versatility that makes these bags so great. Even if you’re new to the bike bag world, pannier bags will surely become your favorite bike accessory. Because bike bags are what we do best, we have 2 panniers for you to choose from. While both the Orchard Grocery Pannier and Bedford Backpack Pannier are great in their own right, we understand deciding between the two might be difficult. As always, we’re here to bring simplicity to your life, so let’s break down the basics. 
Orchard Grocery Pannier and Bedford Backpack Pannier

In terms of storage both Bedford and Orchard have similar capacities with Orchard having 26L volume and Bedford having 25L volume. And while the capacity is similar, the internal and external features of these bags are quite different and will suit different riders and lifestyles. So, what are you looking for in a bike pannier?

The daily commuter
Do you bike to work or school? Are you looking for a bike bag to safely hold a full day’s worth of belongings; lunch, laptop, books, water bottle, change of clothes? Plus space to grab a couple groceries on the way home? If the answer is yes then Bedford is for you! Perfect for commuters of all kinds, this feature-packed backpack will seamlessly fit into your life while fitting everything you need throughout your day-to-day life.
What you’ll love about Bedford are the many compartments to keep everything secure but also super easy to find. We’ve all experienced the frustration of digging endlessly through our bag just to find that one little thing. With 2 exterior pockets, 5 interior pockets, a padded laptop sleeve and water bottle pocket, you can maintain order and organization during your day. 
But the features don’t just stop there! The adjustable straps feature Fidlock magnetic buckles, allowing this pannier to securely fasten to most bike racks (yes, including e-bikes!). And it gets even better by converting into a backpack for when you’re off the bike. The buckles allow this pannier to be worn comfortably as a backpack rather than standard pannier hooks that might dig in and cause discomfort as you go about your day. 

Bedford Backpack Bike Pannier Bag

The sustainable life-styler
Are you looking for your new favorite grocery bag? Or perhaps a bag that will get all your snacks, blanket and drinks to your next event, picnic or beach hang? If yes, then Orchard is the pannier for you! Orchard Grocery Pannier comes in a range of cute colors – including black, of course – making it the perfect stylish, spacious and secure bag for those wanting to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The two metal hooks and pull-down stabilizer hook fit most bike racks and will let you bike with ease and peace of mind, knowing your goods are nice and secure. There’s even a top cinch hook for additional protection. 

Despite having a 26L capacity, Orchard conveniently folds flat when empty and tote handles make for easy carrying while full. Did we mention there’s also a water-resistant external pocket too? Wallet, phone, keys, groceries for the family... Orchard will carry it all. 

Need a lid for your Orchard or looking for even more room? Our Oops I Bought Too Much (OIBTM) bag is a lightweight, packable tote or backpack that has a 23.6L capacity! This bag is great as a just-in-case bag or if you prefer to keep your groceries organized, OIBTM fits perfectly inside Orchard and, with its drawstring top, keeps everything protected.

Orchard Grocery Bike Pannier

What about safety?

So now we know the function, let’s talk safety. As a general plus, panniers are amazing for comfortable commuting. Whether it’s long days out or quick grocery trips, gone are the days of sore shoulders from carrying heavy loads during your ride. And while a single pannier may make you think it will be harder to balance on a bike, your body will know to quickly compensate for the weight once you get going. We promise! Plus, you can take comfort in knowing your belongings are safely attached to the rear of your bike and not swinging around your back or shoulders while you ride. 

Orchard Grocery Pannier Bag

But if you still want the symmetry of double panniers or if you are just looking for more room on the bike? Buy two Orchard Grocery Panniers and save $20 by using the code 2xOrchard at checkout.

For those evening or low light rides, both Bedford and Orchard feature reflective strips to help you stay visible. Bedford also has loops on either side for your bike lights to clip on! 

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