Maintaining an Active Lifestyle Through Bike Riding

Maintaining an active lifestyle can be challenging, between work, family/friends and occasions, the days and weeks fly by so fast. We want to help you fill in the gaps and what better (and healthier) way than a bike ride! With e-bikes becoming increasingly popular, bike riding is more accessible than ever to people of all ages and fitness levels, that’s pretty cool. Here at Po Campo, our mission is to help spread the joy of bike riding, regardless of the type of bike you ride. So, as our Electric Bike Series continues we also want to incorporate fun and useful information for all bike riders out there. Whether you prefer traditional bikes, are transitioning to electric bicycles or maybe you’re just thinking about biking more, we hope these points help you to find the joy and convenience through bike riding. 

Orchard Grocery Bike Pannier Bag


We’ve all seen the studies that show how exercise and time outdoors can improve our mood and overall well being. Even just a short amount of time each day can reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance focus and concentration throughout the day.  But the benefits don’t stop there… 

Avoid the traffic and save time

We think it’s safe to say that nobody likes traffic. We’ve all experienced the frustration of moving at a snail's pace on route to work or that appointment, especially if said traffic leads you to show up late. As more and more bike lanes are popping up on frequented routes, choosing to bike instead of drive is made safer and avoiding traffic is an added bonus. Or maybe you’ve always opted for public transport but are tired of being cramped in the swarm of other commuters? Why not turn your morning commute into an active and stress free experience by choosing to ride? 

We know what you might be thinking, ‘but how do I get my belongings from A to B on a bike?’ Well, this is where we come in! Our bags are designed to carry it all, from Kinga Handlebar bag for the essentials to Bedford Backpack Pannier for a full day out and about. Not only have we tried and tested the secure attachments on each bag to make sure your belongings stay safe throughout the ride, each of our bags are also designed to convert into a comfortable backpack, shoulder bag or cross-body bag when you’re off the bike.

The Bedford Backpack Pannier will seamlessly fit into your school or work commute with enough space and pockets to safely carry everything you need to get you through a big day. Featuring adjustable hooks that fit most bike racks, including e-bikes, and padded straps that convert this bike pannier into a comfortable backpack while you’re off the bike. 

Bedford Backpack Bike Pannier

If Bedford is more than you need, how about Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag? Still large enough to carry a tablet and gym clothes and also features 8 pockets and a shoulder strap. Gone are the days of fumbling through your bag to find the thing you need, with Chelsea you can safely carry it all whether you’re on the bike or off.  

Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag


Better for you and the environment

By biking more and driving less you’re not only improving your health but the environment too. Reduce your footprint by introducing bike riding into your life, even just on those short trips to the local cafe, small changes here and there make a big impact over time. Our Domino Handlebar Bag is perfect for rides where you need a little but not too much. Voted one of the top bike bags of 2023 by REI, Domino is great for riders of all levels as it’s the perfect size to hold the necessities without impacting steering or handlebar space. 

Domino Handlebar Bike Bag

@girlryann wearing Domino Handlebar Bag 


And if you love your weekly trip to the grocery store or farmers market, why not bike there instead? Orchard Grocery Pannier boasts a whole 26L of storage space and features two hooks to secure the bag to your rear bike rack. For those who need a little more space, buy two Orchards and save $20 with the code 2xOrchard.

 Orchard Grocery Bike Pannier

It’s more fun

Lastly (and maybe most importantly), bike riding is fun! Yes, it’s a great way to stay active and has a tonne of other benefits but there’s also nothing quite like a leisurely ride through the park with friends, family or solo. It’s exercise that doesn’t have to feel like exercise regardless of your fitness level or ability. It’s the perfect weekend activity to catch up with friends and family or explore the outdoors. So, the next time that you’re planning an outing, or find yourself dreading peak hour traffic, why not choose to bike instead?

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