May Fan Photo Winner

Our May 2017 winner is Hau Hagedorn from Portland, Oregon.  You can get to know her a little better through the Q+A below. Thanks Hau!

Each month we will be choosing our favorite Po Campo fan photo to display on the blog. We see all of your beautiful pictures on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, but if there are photos you’ve taken with your Po Campo bag that you haven’t posted online, feel free to send them our way! You can email your fan photos to or tag your photos with #pocampo for a chance to win a FREE PO CAMPO BAG.


Hau riding along with her Logon Trunk Bag in Yellow Feathers


1. Tell us a bit about your hometown. Where do you insist on taking out of town guests?

I live in Portland, OR. Aside from being known for being bike-friendly, it is known for so many things like food, beer and wine and the great outdoors.  When we have visitors, everyone wants to go to Voodoo Doughnuts. However, there are so many better options like Blue Star Donuts and Pip's Original Doughnuts so we take our guests there as well. Food carts also seem to be a novelty so will hit one or two in addition to a local brewery. Many of these destinations are biking distance so of course we make our guests bike! 

2. Where is your favorite place to take your Po Campo?  

I find myself taking my Po Campo handlebar bag with me on various excursions but it comes in handy when I'm headed to my kids sporting events for stashing snacks and drinks, and my phone in the pocket so everything is within easy reach as we are biking to and from games.

3. A suggestion for women who are interested in biking but have safety concerns?

Find a friend that will bike with you, or a local bike group that can help you get started. That extra encouragement always help! I'm also a believer in starting small, and trying to figure out someplace that you can bike to close by on low traffic roads. It could be the grocery store, biking with your child to school, the library, grocery store, etc. Part of increasing your comfort level is biking is getting out there and doing it more. 

4. If you could have dinner with anyone (living or dead) who would it be, and why?

Michelle Obama! She is inspiring in so many ways. 

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