I scream. You scream. We all scream for a bike picnic!

We think of two things when we think of summer: 1) Biking, and 2) Picnics. Wondering how to combine them, with some kids thrown in for good measure? Our resident picnic logistics specialist shares her methods!

This is a guest post from Jessica, one of our brand ambassadors in Minneapolis. All photos are her own.

Summertime and picnics go together like peanut butter and jelly. I love picnics now just as much as when I was a kid. Eating on a blanket in the sun with a cool breeze always makes me smile.

These days, I am the mom/wife and I am the “picnic logistics” specialist for our family. What could be better than a summertime picnic? How about a bike picnic?! Fortunately my young children love to bike as much as we do. So combining my two favorite summertime activities seems natural, but requires a little more preparation as you need to pack only the essentials. With these three tips you too can plan your next great bike picnic! 

#1. You will need a bike bag which will fit all of your supplies.

I love the Po Campo Bergen Pannier it fits all the food and supplies I need for a family of 5 and attaches quickly and easily to my bike rack. And it transitions wonderfully to an over the shoulder bag when I’m off the bike allowing me to get the kiddos to that perfect bike picnic spot! Brilliant!

Bike Picnic with the Po Campo Bergen PannierPicnicking with the Po Campo Bergen Pannier ($115)

#2. Simple nutritious food smartly packed.

Whether you are preparing a bike picnic for one, two or your entire family, you will want to make sure what you pack will taste good, fuel your body and travels well on your bike. Foods that have worked for my family: grilled meats/veggies or smoked meats/fish (served cold), grain type salads, hard fruits (think apples, not bananas), burritos or wrap type sandwiches (they travel better than bread-based sandwiches), hard raw veggies, sliced cheeses, crackers, yogurt and granola.

Bike Picnic - Snacks

I try to put most items in containers to avoid the dreaded “smoosh”, but too many containers can eat up precious cargo space, so some items will need to be put into resealable bags. This might take a couple tries to perfect! If all else fails, you can always continue biking to the local sandwich or ice cream shop!

#3. A positive attitude and willingness to go with the flow.

Nothing is worse than when you have a spot scoped out for your perfect bike picnic and reality sets in - your kids/riding partner are hungry now!  We just left the house 5 minutes ago (after a snack). Our park is 8 more miles down the road at the most splendid park. Or you picked a spot down by the brook where you were going to have a romantic bike picnic with your sweetie. When you roll up, instead you find a group of rowdy kids partying on your perfect rock. So you get my point, you must be willing to go with the flow of nature when choosing when/where to stop and enjoy. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad bike picnic!

Bike Picnic and Family Biking with Bike Snacks

I hope this motivates you to either start or plan another bike picnic. It is one of my family’s favorite things to do! We hope to see you out and about this summer!

About Jessica

Mom, Wife, Biker, Yoga Instructor, picnic logistics specialist. Check. When she is not toting her kids around via bike you will find her mountain biking, teaching yoga or planning/cooking healthy nutritious foods for her family in Saint Paul, MN, or wherever the trail takes her…

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