Quest for Sustainability: 2023 Update

Back in 2018, Po Campo embarked on its "Quest for Sustainability" a video series that documented the first steps in our journey to develop a sustainable line of bike bags.

Started as an entrepreneurial story about creating the products you want to see in the world, now, five years later, we wanted to give an update of the progress we've made and our plans for the future.

In this video, our Head of Product Marty Crandall joins me in a conversation about sustainability, what we've done, where we're going, and why it is important to us as a company.

Video contents

0:00 - Recap of the Quest for Sustainability
1:34 - Reduction of Polybag waste
2:30 - Change to Eco-enclose mailers - and why?
3:10 - Recycled fabrics
5:30 - Factory improvements
7:40 - Goals for the future
8:50 - Goals to reduce air freight and business travel
13:20 - Tracing our carbon emissions from raw goods to customer
15:04 - Always room for improvement
16:20 - Riding your bike is also sustainable!
19:50 - Summary - get on your bike and ride!

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  • Rose Scheremet

    I love Po Campo! This video states my philosophy, exactly! I have a few of your bags & combined with my Burley Travoy trailer, I do most of my errands on my bike! Keep up the good work!

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