Ride Together, Rise Together May 12 with Cyclofemme

Ladies and bike-lovers rejoice, May 12 marks not just Mother’s Day but Cyclofemme 2019, an annual, global celebration of community and sweet rides.

Whether you just enjoy a leisurely ride with your friends or join an organized Cyclofemme ride in your city, it’s a day to celebrate our strength – both as women and quite literally as pedal pushers! – and to mix with your larger, local community of bike enthusiasts.

We had a chance to talk about Cyclofemme with its founder, Sarai Snyder.

Po Campo: What's the story behind the founding of Cyclofemme?

Sarai: Sexism in cycling has been a rampant, deeply rooted, and ugly issue for a very long time. Ten years ago, we had strong individuals advocating for equality but we were just beginning to organize and use our collective to demand change. Through this relentless uphill battle, it was apparent that we needed to be reminded of why we fight. By coming together in celebration on a bicycle we see the joy, independence, empowerment, and strength of community that cycling offers. At the same time, we showed ourselves as a global force, worthy of recognition, and a welcome place for new and casual riders to join in. Today, most bike race events offer equal prize money, bike shops are more welcoming to riders of all shapes and sizes, and we see more inclusive marketing as the norm instead of the exception. This gives us an even greater reason to celebrate this 8th annual ride. Just as in the days of suffragettes and the modern day Women's March, there is strength in numbers.

Po Campo: What is your vision for Cyclofemme?

Sarai: CycloFemme has always been a celebration and a welcome place for all. Regardless of age, race, gender, or bicycle preference, there is reason to celebrate collective momentum. CycloFemme is a gathering place for the most unlikely riding partners. I'll never forget the year that potent young women on tall bikes rode with mothers and grandmothers on cruisers in Arkansas. Our goal is to break down walls and remove the barrier to entry. There is a spirit that resides in those who join in for a CycloFemme ride. We learn that whenever we ride, regardless of where we ride together.

Po Campo: What's the best reason why someone should participate in Cyclofemme on May 12?

Sarai: To find your crew, to make unexpected friends, to learn new skills, to celebrate, to share, to experience riding a bike through someone else's pedal strokes, to witness fresh joy, empowerment, and
independence expressed in the faces of new riders. To join in the movement. 1+1= A Revolution.


So, now that we’re all inspired, thanks to Sarai! – Visit the Cyclofemme website and plan your ride alongside two or 200 of your new best biking friends. From Wichita to Washington D.C., from Poland to Palm Beach, there are over 60 organized rides listed for 2019 (so far!). If you are the organizing type, be sure to add yours to the list so your people can find you!

Pics to get you excited: https://www.instagram.com/cyclofemme/

Everything you need to know: https://cyclofemme.com

Written by:
Valerie Egan, Portland OR
Po Campo Ambassador 

All photos Courtesy of:  Cyclofemme

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