Tips & Tricks for National Bike to Work Week!

Our favorite week of the year is here: National Bike to Work Week! Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or trying out bike commuting for the first time, we compiled our best tips & trips in this post for you to hit the pavement with confidence.

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Nervous about Biking in the City? Then read this!

Tips for biking in the city

While a bike is one of the most efficient (and fun!) ways to navigate around your hometown, it’s definitely more than a little intimidating to get started with city biking. Once you give it a try though, we think you’ll find it more than worth the initial challenge! Brand ambassador Deborah shares the tips & tricks she picked up when starting to bike around Washington DC in this post.

How to Carry Things on Your Bike When You Bike to Work

Options for carrying things on your bike when you bike to work

Are you a backpack, pannier, or basket person? We dive into a topic very near and dear to us in this blog post: how to carry things on your bike when you bike to work. Keep reading to learn all the different ways you can carry things, and choose the method best suited to your needs.

Foldable Bike Helmets for the Bike Commuter

Foldable / Collapsible Bike Helmet

Stumped with what to do with your bulky bike helmet when you're not riding? Or want to have a helmet when riding bike share but don't want to lug one around with you everyday? A foldable helmet might be just what you need. Read this blog post to learn about your options.

How to Safely Bike to Work and Arrive Looking Presentable

How to Ride Safely to Work and Arrive looking presentable

In this blog post, we have tips for how to bike safely to your destination, which covers everything from choosing your route to signaling in traffic to staying visible to drivers. Then we discuss how to choose the best bike for your ride and what to wear (Hint: you don't need a separate cycling wardrobe!). Lastly, we cover how to freshen up when you arrive at work. Basically, this post is a one-stop shop for bike to work week queries! Read it now.

How to Bike in Skirts and Dresses

How to bike in skirts & dresses

While we think that no one should be intimidated by their wardrobe, biking in a skirt does raise some legitimate concerns. If you bike to work and need to look dressy, you may feel resigned to pantsuits forever, but biking in skirts and dresses is actually pretty simple if you just take a few precautions. Read this post for some good guidelines to follow while you wheel down the roads.

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