5 Things You Should Know About Safe Routes Partnership

We’ve designated Safe Routes Partnership as our main charity partner for September. That means that 1% of sales made on our website will be donated to them by default. Curious about them and their awesome work? Keep reading!

1. Who is Safe Routes Partnership? 

Since 2005, Safe Routes Partnership, a national nonprofit organization, has been dedicated to promoting safe walking and rolling for individuals in school and daily life. Their work transforms the lives and well-being of people of all nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities, as well as creating healthy, thriving communities for all. Walking to school

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2. What is the Safe Routes to School Program?

Their Safe Routes to School Program aims to assist students, especially those with impairments, in walking and biking to and from school. Creating a safer and accessible transportation alternative from a young age supports an active and healthy lifestyle. Read more about their Safe Routes to School Program.

In the returning school year of 2021, the Safe Routes Partnership developed a program called "Routes Back 2 School.” This program will provide essential messages, real-time information, and Zoom discussion sessions to prep everyone for the return to school, which began on June 23 and continued until September 21, the start of the new school year. Safe Routes Partnership creates an atmosphere of creating Socially-connected, Active, Future for Everyone, by Safe Routes Partnership integrating children to learning, health, and each other, they will be able to achieve their goals.

Biking to school

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3. What about their commitment to Healthy Communities?

Safe Routes Partnership understands that our bodies are made to move, however many of our cities aren’t built with mobility in mind. They believe that change is needed to create spaces that are safe, equitable, active and healthy for all and they work to advance policies to this effect. 

Safe Routes counts corporations, foundations and individuals as partners who are collaborating to increase physical exercise by walking and bicycling to and from school and in everyday life to cure childhood obesity and establish livable, sustainable communities. Read more about their commitment to healthy communities.Biking to school

 Image courtesy of Safe Routes Partnership

4. Why is Po Campo excited to partner with Safe Routes?

Po Campo recognizes the importance of safety in encouraging more people to engage in active transportation, especially for kids to develop life long biking and walking habits. We love everything Safe Routes is doing!

5. What about Po Campo does Safe Routes most appreciate?

“We appreciate Po Campo, a woman owned business,  taking care of the Safe Routes to School movement and giving back not only through this effort but through their day to day work in developing products for all users.  We look forward to working together and appreciate your support.” Cassandra Isidro, Safe Routes Partnership Executive Director

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