Stay Safe Bike Riding At Night

Keeping visible while bike riding is a key part of bike safety for commuters and leisurely riders. Now that Fall is here and the clocks are about to turn back, days are getting shorter and having the right gear to keep you seen and safe is all the more important. In this blog post we will highlight the gear and products that help you be seen while you are out there doing your thing. Read on to find out more.

Reflective qualities of Po Campo bags

All Po Campo bags are thoughtfully designed to help keep you safe and seen while you’re out there living your mobile lifestyle. We strive to be a leader in functional, transitional and sustainable bags for the micro mobility lifestyle which is why you’ll find reflective strips and accents on all our bags. Our trunk and pannier bags like Chelsea Trunk Bag and Orchard Grocery Pannier feature reflective strips on both sides of the bag, so no matter where you attach your bag you’ll have those hits of reflection! 

Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag

If you’re wanting something with even more visibility, Spica Sling Bag comes in our custom City Lights material; this Visi-Hemp® fabric keeps you illuminated wherever you go with reflective stitching as well as reflective accents so when light hits the bag you get a nice hit of extra visibility!

Spica Handlebar Slingbag

Our kids bags, like the Whoosh Bike Basket and Speedy Handlebar Bag have extra thick strips across the front of the bag for that additional security in lower light conditions. 


Our Whoosh Bike Basket is not only our best-selling kids bag but also makes for a perfect and fun Holiday gift. Our Holiday Basket Bundle includes 3x Whoosh Bike Baskets for just $90! Shop the Holiday Basket Bundle here.

Whoosh Kids Bike Bag

In addition to the material of your bike bag, of course it’s always a good idea to have other gear and accessories that help you stay seen. Our bike light 2-pack are rechargeable and easily clip onto your handlebars, helmet and even your Po Campo bag. Their adjustable silicone straps make fastening and adjusting the lights super easy too. This bike light pack features a bright white front light and a rear red LED light. 


For those looking for an extra fun accessory that also keeps you seen, our Po Campo bird reflector pins are perfect! For every purchase of the Breast Cancer Awareness Reflector Pin Pack, we donate $2 to the Keep A Breast Foundation. 

Rechargeable Bike Light 2-Pack

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