Women-Led Wednesday: Celebrating Women in Business

This November 22nd is Women-Led Wednesday, the annual holiday dedicated to celebrating and supporting women-owned businesses. As a female-owned business ourselves, Women-Led Wednesday has been supporting Po Campo throughout our journey and today we want to take the opportunity to repay the favor to not only Women-Led Wednesday but to the business helping pave the way for women in the business world! 

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Who, what, why?

Women-Led Wednesday is a community of women-owned brands whose goal is to level the business playing field by supporting women in business. With businesses in every must-have category from apparel to jewelry to home goods and more, Women-Led Wednesday is helping to support female-owned businesses while empowering women to put their entrepreneurial hat on and bring their ideas to life.

“Women-Led Wednesday is an ANNUAL HOLIDAY that encourages YOU and all your friends to shop from women-led brands so we can level the playing field. It happens every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.”

Women make up 50.8% of the population, yet only 25% of executives and senior-level professionals are women. A mere 20% of board seats are made up of women and just 6% of CEOs are women. 42% of small businesses are owned by women but they only generate 4% of revenue. By making more conscious shopping choices, we can all play a role in growing these numbers to create a more balanced and equal business environment. 

Chelsea Trunk Bag | Po Campo
Image: featuring Chelsea Trunk Bag

Here’s some of our most-loved, women-owned businesses within the Women-Led Wednesday community:

Founded by 3 moms - Tierra Forte, Barrie Brouse & Anya Marie - with over 40 years of experience in the apparel industry, Mightly is a kids clothing brand crafting cute clothes that are sustainably made and ready to last any and all adventures the little ones take on. Featuring original artwork, organic cotton and a transparent supply chain, Mightly creates quality garments that are good for people and the planet. 

Visit Mightly for more information


Helping people do more by bike since 1978, Burley is your one-stop shop for bike trailers, kid’s seats and more! Burley is a family-owned business led by Allison Straub; the brand's passion to incorporate cycling into people's lives with ease is the reason behind their success and heritage.

Burley continues to expand its legacy of innovative design, trusted craftsmanship, and community investment in Oregon and around the world.”

Burley Bike Trailers & Strollers

Image Source: Burley

Visit Burley for more information


Wild Rye
Embrace the adventure and outdoor enthusiast in you with Wild Rye; creating comfortable yet functional clothes that feature a contemporary style, because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for performance! Founded by Cassie Abel, an industry veteran who, through her own struggle to find apparel that fit, functioned and had contemporary style, decided to fill these gaps herself with Wild Rye. Cassie also founded the Women-Led Wednesday community!

Wild Rye launched in August of 2016 with the mission to bring women beautiful and technical mountain apparel that fits, inspires confidence and welcomes more women into the outdoors.”

Visit Wild Rye for more information

ABD Culture
A brand that brings bike riding and jewelry together beautifully, ABD Culture was founded by Alixandra Klein. Alix creates delicate designs made from recycled bike tubes; with pieces that are weatherproof, weightless and sport-ready. Her pieces are up-cycled too! 

Visit ABD Culture for more information

Water bottles made for cyclists, skiers and all outdoor enthusiasts. Carina Hamel co-founded Bivo and created an eco-friendly metal water bottle that has a flow rate suitable for cyclists and sports enthusiasts alike. 

In creating Bivo, we sought to design a stainless steel performance water bottle with a flow rate that could keep up with our hydration needs. No chugging, no air, no mold, just a clean path of water delivered with ease.”

Visit Bivo for more information


Image: featuring Domino Handlebar Bag

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