Tips for Taking more Family Bike Rides this Summer

Summer is finally here! Whether you bike year-round or wait until the weather is warm, summer is a welcome season for cyclists everywhere. It’s even more of a reason to celebrate for those of us who bike with our kids. School’s out! Let’s take some family bike rides!

But where to go? Here’s some inspiration for your two-wheeled activities in the coming months.

This is a guest post from Rachel, one of our brand ambassadors in San Francisco. All photos are hers unless otherwise noted.

All the usual places

Summers with kids are all about fun and learning outside the classroom. We frequent a set of places where the whole family loves to hang out: the pool, beach, museum, library etc. This year, turn those visits into family bike rides!

Make your destination is within reach of your family bike or kids on their own wheels (I’m not going to bike from San Francisco to Disneyland). Map out your route, pack some snacks, and hit the road! You can even make an evening bike ride to your local ice cream joint a family tradition this summer.

Scavenger Hunt on Wheels

When you’re feeling extra ambitious, it’s time to turn your family bike ride into a scavenger hunt. Pick out local landmarks, objects from nature, or edible treats and make a list of things for the family to find. Take pictures with the things you can’t take with you and gather everything else in your trusty Po Campo bag.

Summer Family Bike Rides: Bergen Pannier

I like Po Campo's Bergen Pannier because it fits what you need for a day out. You could even divide family and friends into teams and compete to  see who completes the scavenger hunt first. As always, stay safe on the road!

Playground Crawl

Pick a day when everyone has extra energy to burn for this family bike ride. Fill your Po Campo panniers and trunk bags with snacks and sand toys and hit the road for as many playgrounds as you can find. Urban neighborhoods with several parks in close proximity are ideal for this activity. One park might be perfect for morning jungle gym climbing, the next could have a shady spot for lunch, and another destination might have a fun splash pad for hot afternoons.

Join your local Kidical Mass

Do you want to connect with more biking families and reclaim the streets for safe cycling? Join your local Kidical Mass ride!

Summer Family Bike Rides: Kidical MassPhoto credit

These kid-friendly group rides are a great way to meet companions for your family bike rides this summer. A huge variety of bikes turn out for these events so bring your cargo bike, trailer, or tag-along. Safety is always paramount and riding in a group is a great way to teach kids the rules of the road.

Above all, have fun!

Summer is a great time to foster a love of two-wheeled transportation in young cyclists. This is your opportunity to pick up some new-to-you wheels and get plenty of practice on everything from balance bikes to mountain bikes.

Summer Family Bike Rides: Packing Snacks

Make sure everyone is having fun, though. Pushing limits on family bike rides might not yield the results you’re hoping for. Keep weather, road conditions, and kids’ moods in mind. A bag of snacks, water, and sunscreen can go a long way to making rides fun so don’t forget to pack those necessities before you set out on your summer family bike rides!

About Rachel

Rachel Magnusson is a mom, anthropologist, adventurer, and triathlete. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two young sons. Her bicycle of choice is the Bullitt, which she loves to accessorize with just the right bike bags.

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