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For Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we’re highlighting some of the things we really love about the #bikelife. Po Campo was created to enhance your life by making biking an easier and more seamless part of your life. We rally behind everything that shares this vision and we support the communities that live this lifestyle. 

Some of the things we love are:

More Bike Lanes 

In 2020 cities everywhere are listening to their people and putting in infrastructure that makes biking a safer option for getting around. Denver will build 125 miles of bike lanes throughout the city by 2023, aiming to make streets safer and more Denver homes easier to access by bike. If you live in Denver or visit, you might be excited to read more

Houston is adding more dedicated bike lanes to the Space City area. Hlavacek, an engineer with Houston Public Works, is one of those many bikers himself, pedaling to work three times a week on the new bike lane that runs along Gray Street from Bagby Street to the Columbia Tap trail in the Third Ward. Find out if you live near any of Houston’s new bike lanes here. 

And the home of Po Campo, New York City is set to build more than 250 new bike lanes and add 1m sq ft (92,903 sq meters) of pedestrian space in a landmark move designed to “break the car culture” of the city. Read about it here.

Is an exciting new infrastructure getting built in your city? We’d love to hear about it – please tell us in the comments below. 


Our own founder Maria Boustead sits on the board of the League of American Bicyclists. For generations past and to come, the Bike League represents bicyclists in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a Bicycle Friendly America – for everyone. Besides the League, many of our great cities have Bicycle Coalitions that are doing wonderful local advocacy. Have you gotten involved in your local bike advocacy group? What changes were you a part of?


Adventure and Joy

Being free to ride around the city, not having to worry about finding car parking, or waiting behind long lines of cars at a light, just brings us joy. Being on a bike can provide all kinds of adventures. Simple ones. Unexpected ones. Our brand ambassadors share what brings them joy and adventure on a bike.


Finding new street vendors – “When I ride around my neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, I find new street food vendors and new delicious food items to try! It’s fun to get to know the people in my neighborhood, and I’d just pass them by if I was on the train or bus.”

Not worrying about the weather – “I rode through snow flurries on my commute on Friday - so magical! Before I tried full-time bike commuting, the weather forecast would worry me - commuting has taught me to prepare as best I can and then just enjoy the ride! Major attitude adjustment 😁

Stumbling across new bike lanes- “I love stumbling across a great bike lane that I didn't know about. Found this Harlem River Greenway gem last summer while getting to know our new neighborhood.”

Animals – “There's a duck on my commute that I find hilarious. Every single day Mr. Duck tries to intimidate me and take me out in the most adorable and totally not scary fashion. Seeing him adds joy to my daily commute, which I wouldn't have if I were in a car.

“This morning I stopped to take a pic of the community garden near Jones Point. I heard a lot of rustling in the woods and spotted a deer looking to cross the path.”

Taking a deep breath – “I never, ever, ever, ever get the light at Raoul Wallenberg and Maine Ave SW, southbound biking to work in Crystal City, and it's a glorious spot to take a breather and enjoy the splendor that is the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin.”

The people –I ride my bike every day because it’s cleansing. It’s therapy on two wheels. And far more people wave, smile, and say hello than do or say something negative. And I’ve met the coolest group of friends because I ride.”

For whatever reason you ride your bike we salute you. Thanks to everyone who supports the #bikelife. Hugs and enjoy.

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