Commuter Bags: Designed for On and Off the Bike Functionality

One of the biggest obstacles to joining the commuter bandwagon is figuring out how to carry all the stuff you need for work, school, hanging out, a picnic in the park, errands or just getting around the city. Sometimes backpacks are just too heavy, leaving your back sweaty, and things shift uncomfortably when riding. Panniers help carry the load but are difficult to carry with you off the bike.  Sometimes getting the Pannier on or off is a project in itself! And who wants to buy a different bag for every situation?

To really cruise through the city with ease and enjoy a hassle-free commuting lifestyle, you must first choose the right products. Po Campo designs products specifically for use on and off the bike. Great thought and care have been taken when designing our line of bike bags. Some of the things we consider in our design are:

  • Size - how it fits on you or the bike, how it fits on your body.
  • On Bike - selecting fasteners and clasping systems that are secure when riding but also easy to use.
  • On Body - how the bag goes from bike to body and how comfortable it is when wearing it.
  • Stability - how your things fit securely in place ensuring a safer ride.
  • Pockets – where external pockets should be located to have easy access to phone, keys, and water bottle? What internal pockets do we need to ensure things don’t shift and stay organized?
  • Safety – where will visibility features make the most impact?
  • Fashion – Is this a bag you will carry with you even on days that you don’t bike? Is it styled to be able to go with you throughout your day without looking like you’re lugging around “bike gear”?

With you in mind, we have designed some pretty unique features so that all our bike bags function well on or off the bike. Since bike bags are our thing, you can count on reflective details to help you stay seen. 

Kinga Handlebar Bag

The Kinga Handlebar Bag is our best-selling bag. It goes from handlebar bag to crossbody bag with a few stealth details. The easy-to-adjust velcro straps wrap around the handlebars and re-stick to the bag. When not on the bike, these straps tuck easily into a back stow pocket. The Kinga comes equipped with a shoulder strap that adjusts for a cool crossbody look, with its own stowaway pocket on the side of the bag so you don’t have to detach it when it’s on your bike. And the pockets! Inside you’ll find a secure zippered pocket and two organization pockets for your keys and lip balm.  Take this bag off the bike and you never knew it was considered bike gear.

  Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag drawing

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bag drawingCheck out all the great features of The Kinga Handlebar Bag here.

The Bergen Pannier

The Bergen Pannier attaches to your bike's rear rack with super-strong Fidlock® magnetic buckles. What exactly is Fidlock® you might ask – well Fidlock® buckles enable virtually automatic closing and allows opening with just one hand – even when wearing gloves. This magnetic clasping system is highly reliable, robust and secure. We feel the Fidlock® is the secret weapon in turning this Pannier into an on and off bag. Bonus – the hardware is so minimal that it will never snag your clothes when you use the bag off the bike.

For those particularly bumpy rides, we added a bottom ring that slips over the bottom of your rack to help stabilize your bag while riding.  Off the bike, our adjustable and detachable shoulder strap makes this the perfect city all in one bag.  And did we mention pockets? Lots of pockets inside and out, including a padded laptop pocket.

Po Campo Bergen Pannier drawing   Po Campo Bergen Pannier attachment drawing               

Check all the great features of The Bergen Laptop Pannier here.

Irving Backpack Pannier

The Irving Backpack Pannier that works equally well as a comfy backpack and a sturdy pannier - and converts between the two in seconds! Flip the backpack straps to the front and clip together, revealing the hi-viz lining, then attach the Irving to the bike's rear rack with our super-strong Fidlock® magnetic buckles. The clever bottom carabiner clip grabs your rack for a third, stabilizing point of connection. Just flip the backpack straps back to wear off the bike, using the front elastics to hold your bike helmet. There is enough padding on this backpack that you never feel the Fidlock® hardware when wearing on your back. And our pockets are all designed to make sure your things don’t shift so you feel sturdy and safe when riding.

Po Campo Irving Backpack PannierPo Campo Irving Backpack Pannier attachment

Check all the great features of The Irving Backpack Pannier here.

The Uptown Bike Trunk Bag

Have you found the magic of the rear bike rack yet? The Uptown Bike Trunk Bag is the perfect lifestyle satchel that easily fastens to the top of your bike's rear rack. The four adjustable and secure velcro straps couldn’t be easier. They are a design accent that turns into a functional attachment. Just undo them, wrap around rack and re-secure to bag. Easy peasy! This bag does not move even when taking sharp corners. Off the bike, the Uptown Trunk Bag converts into a crossbody bag with the adjustable shoulder strap (with its own stowaway pocket to keep it out of the way while riding). Easy to carry with you throughout your day. And you’ll look good to boot!

Po Campo Uptown Trunk Bag attachmentPo Campo Uptown Trunk Bag

Check all the great features of The Uptown Bike Trunk Bag here.

The Mardy Cargo Pannier

The Mardy Cargo Pannier is our highest capacity waterproof bike bag yet, packed full of features for living your life by bike. It attaches/detaches to your bike in seconds with super-strong Fidlock® magnetic buckles (are you seeing a design theme here?), then converts to a tote/shoulder bag off the bike. But the Mardy’s most beloved feature is at the bottom – a separate shoe compartment. You can put anything in here: a change of clothes, books, your lunch, but it is designed to carry an extra pair of shoes for your work day.  The added features on this bag are robust. We included water bottle pockets, integrated raincover, padded laptop pocket, and a LED zipper pull. And if you are an eco-conscious consumer like we are you will enjoy that this cargo pannier is made from bluesign® recycled polyester fabric. Recycles plastic bottles went into making this very fashionable bag.

        Po Campo Mardy Cargo Pannier drawingPo Campo Mardy Cargo Pannier attachment drawing

Check all the great features of The Mardy Cargo Pannier here.

The Belmont Backpack

Made of the same amazing bluesign® recycled fabric as the Mardy Cargo Pannier, the Belmont Backpack is a super lightweight waterproof backpack packed with bike-friendly features. We designed this backpack for everyday use and have included features like blinking LED zipper pulls, a built-in raincover, and neoprene water bottle pockets and a secret phone pocket. That is all on the outside, on the inside we have constructed 4 interior pockets including a padded laptop pocket and a zippered pocket. All with the intent of keeping your things from sliding around. This bag is our only bag right now that does not attach to the bike. But you could definitely use it as your go to city bag even when jumping on a scooter. Weighing less than 1 lb, it won’t weigh you down when you’re on-the-go. 

Po Campo Belmont Backpack

Check all the great features of The Belmont Backpack here.

All of our Po Campo bags have been designed with you in mind. We want you to be able to enjoy moving through the city with ease and confidence.

Po Campo bike bags


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