DIY Hairstyles for Biking & Best Braid Hacks

If you've ever gone on Pinterest to research braids to wear while working out, chances are that you became overwhelmed pretty quickly by the options. They look so pretty, but also so complicated! If you're like us and don't have a personal stylist to do your hair every day, don't fear. You can still pull of great hairstyles for biking with our simple braid hacks.

Milkmaid Braid for Short Hair Hack

A milkmaid braid is one of our favorite hairstyles for biking or working out because it keeps all your hair contained and in place. It looks good when it's tightly done, but also when it gets a little messy if you sweat a lot during your ride or work-out.

Hairstyles for biking - milkmaid hack

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A traditional milkmaid braid requires you to have long hair that you can first braid then wrap around your head. A nice feature of this hack is that it works with short hair. Thanks Dana from The Wonder Forest for this tutorial!

Hairstyles for biking - short hair milkmaid braid

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Simple Chignon Hack

The chignon is such an elegant style that nobody will ever guess that you just worked out. This style only requires an elastic hairband and works for short to medium length hair too. Click over to Hello Natural for the 2-minute tutorial.


Hairstyles for biking - chignon

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Half Crown Braid Tutorial

We're big fans of the half crown braid as a hairstyle for biking because the braid falls right where your helmet hits the crown of your head. In other words, where the helmet hair dent happens is concealed by the braid. Perfect! See the step-by-step tutorial on Irrelephant.

Hairstyles for Biking - Half Crown Braid

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French Braid / Ponytail Hack

As far as hairstyles for biking goes, a french braid is the classic stand-by. Some people can do french braids with their eyes closed reciting poetry, while others of us, especially those of us with curly hair or with bad hand-eye coordination, really struggle. Fortunately, there is a way to fake it that is infinitely easier. This method involves a bunch of little ponytails woven into each other. Visit Hair Romance for a step-by-step tutorial of this great easy hairstyle for biking and working out.

Hairstyles for Biking - Ponytail Braid

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Do you have any hacks for good hairstyles for biking that you can share with us? Please leave your tips in the comments! Also check out our Pinterest board for Braids, and Other Bike Friendly Hairstyles.

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  • Katherine

    I bike to work everyday, I live in Atlanta. I don’t wear a helmet, so for female cyclists that don’t wear helmets, I have a trick that will be so helpful. When your biking always wear a tight ponytail, that way, if it is tight enough, your hair won’t get messed up even in the rain, also headbands are a great idea, but probably not before work. I hope you found this helpful.

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