The Fall 2015 Fashion Trends that You Can Bike In

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends - Bike Bags

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While we may be mourning the end of summer, there is something on the horizon that keeps us looking forward. And that thing is the new season’s fall fashion trends. In this post, we pick out which of the biggest trends translate best into bikeable fashion.

Fashion Trend: Carwash skirts

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Carwash Skirts(Image Source)

About the trend: Perhaps not the most appealing name, carwash skirts are so-called because of the multiple slits around the bottom. If a fringed skirt and pleated skirt had a baby, that would be a carwash skirt.

How to make it work for biking: We chose carwash skirts as one of our picks for bike friendly fashion this fall, because all the slits provide plenty of movement – no pencil-skirt constriction here. That said, not all skirts that go by the name carwash are recommended for biking. Stay away from the long skirts that go past your calf, and choose a heavier fabric that won’t blow around too wildly in the breeze.

Some of our picks are:

Fall Fashions - Carwash Skirt

(l-r Tibi Cuarteto Carwash Midi Skirt, Estevez Carwash Skirt)


Fashion Trend: Skinny Scarves

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends - Skinny Scarves(Image source)

About the trend: When you think about it, the skinny scarf is the perfect fall accessory, as it adds a little something around your neck, which you’d never dream of doing during the dog days of summer, but doesn’t overheat you like a full winter scarf would. Plus, you can put it on over just about any type of shirt, from V-neck to a button up.

How to make it work for biking:  The biggest risk here is that the scarf would dangle into your wheel and decapitate you while you’re going full tilt. To play it safe, tie your scarf up into a pretty bow while riding, and then feel free to loosen it when you reach your destination.

Some of our picks are:

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends - Skinny Scarves

(from l-r: Zara Tie Style Scarf, Free People With Wind Skinny Scarf, Nasty Gal Bria Jersey Skinny Scarf)

Fashion Trend: Winter Florals

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends - Winter Florals

(Image source)

About the trend: Who says that you have to stop wearing floral prints after springtime? This fall, we’re rocking our flower power into fall with winter florals. What makes winter florals different is that the flowers are more saturated and less pastel and are almost always set against a darker background color.

How to make it work for biking: No special tricks needed to wear winter florals this fall, although may we suggest picking up a Po Campo bag in purple petals?

Some of our picks are:

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends - Winter Florals

(from l-r: Po Campo Logan Trunk Bag in Petals, Topshop Woodland Floral Print Top and Cigarette Pants, Express Grid Print Portofino Shirt)


Fashion Trend: Turtleneck Layering

Image source

(Image source)

About the trend: There’s no denying it, turtlenecks are back in a big way this fall. This season’s take on them though is primarily as a layering device to take your summer fashions into fall. Got a sundress you’re not ready to stop wearing yet? Put a turtleneck underneath it and you’re ready for apple picking and a hayride.

How to make it work for biking: Layering clothes for bike riding becomes second nature for a lot of riders, so incorporating the turtleneck trend into your wardrobe should be easy enough. At this time of year, when it is undoubtedly getting cooler but not yet cold (at least not to us Chicagoans), the biggest danger is generating too much heat while riding and showing up to your destination all sweaty. Therefore, choose a lightweight and/or wicking turtleneck for your bottom layer.

Some of our picks:

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends - Turtlenecks

(from l-r: J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck T-shirt, Land's End Layering Turtleneck, Icebreaker Tech Long sleeve Turtleneck)


Fashion Trend: Capes

Fashion Trend: Capes

(Image source)

About the trend: A round-up of fall trends is not complete without some sort of outerwear, and this year’s key piece is the cape. We’re seeing it in all shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, sleeves or no sleeves – you name it, it’s out there.

How to make it work for biking: To help you narrow down the options, we recommend selecting a cape that buttons or zippers (at least partway) in the front to make sure it stays closed while you’re riding. We also prefer the sleeveless variety so that you can signal to traffic without your arms being constricted.

Some of our picks:

Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Capes

(from l-r: Asos Cape with Raglan Sleeve, Modcloth Beacon Hill Breakfast Cape, Zara Metallic Button Cape) 


Have fun incorporating these looks into your bike friendly wardrobe this fall! 

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Bike Friendly Fall Fashions

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