Stylish Yoga and Workout Clothes To Wear All Day

It’s the last day of National Yoga Month! Hopefully your practice has made great strides this month. But have you figured out the puzzle of how to finding yoga and workout clothes to wear all day? We’ve got some picks and tricks for you!

Workout Clothes to Wear All day

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Wondering what the benefits of finding yoga and workout clothes to wear all day would be? Well, for starters, yoga and workout clothes are conducive to living an active lifestyle, making it easier to bike or walk for transportation or joining in with you child while playing at the playground. Besides that, workout clothes are awfully comfortable and easy to take care of, making them winners in our book.

Is it possible to wear workout clothes all day? Yes, we think it can be, depending on how you spend your days. Some jobs may restrict what you can wear but with a little creativity, you can find workout clothes to wear all day without too much trouble.

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First let’s talk yoga pants. Whether you think yoga pants are the best thing since sliced bread or too readily worn everywhere and anywhere, few of us can claim that they aren’t comfortable, flattering, and – we’ll admit it – great for biking to work in. The trick to turning yoga pants into workout clothes to wear all day is to think of them as leggings rather than yoga pants. Try pairing them with an ankle boot and chunky sweater or a comfy and sporty dress for a style that looks great anywhere. Workout Clothes to Wear All Day - New Yoga Leggings

(left: Outdoor Voices Two-Tone Warmup Legging $95; right: Alo Yoga Coast Legging $94)

Another way to build on this idea of yoga pants as workout clothes that you can wear all day is to try a different fabric than the ol’ trusty Lululemon Luon™ fabric. New pants from emerging and established brands feature different textures, colors and prints that give you more flexibility when you try to build a whole outfit around them, and don’t necessarily scream “Yoga Pants!”.

Alternatives to Yoga Pants

Workout Clothes to Wear All Day

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What? Enough of yoga pants you say? If you’re on the hunt for an alternative, we recommend jogger pants. With their cinched ankle and comfortable fit, these pants can be paired with a button-down shirt and sweater to get ready for prime-time.

Workout clothes to wear all day

Two of our favorites are the Alternative Apparel Jogger Pants (left, $52) made with comfy eco-jersey fabric and a sporty wide racer stripe up the side and Athleta’s Linen Jogger Pant (right, $79) with a classy gold zip pocket.

Beyond the pants

As more and more designers add technical fabrics to their collections, we have options galore for tops made of moisture wicking fabrics that definitely qualify as workout clothes you can wear all day.

Workout Clothes to Wear All Day - Tops

The left image is a top perfect for fall, the Lucy Enlightening Long Sleeve ($59). The poly/modal/Spandex mix keeps it from wrinkling, and the cowl neck dresses it up a bit.

On the right is another option, the Lululemon’s Layered Long Sleeve Tee ($78) as a great example of workout clothes that you can wear all day. A simple chain necklace, a blazer and a slim skirt would finish this look off perfectly.

Workout Clothes You Wear All Day - scarves (Image source)

Beyond tops and bottoms, don’t forget to use your accessories to convert your workout apparel into clothes you can wear all day. For example, a colorful scarf is all you need to transform your workout outfit

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