Reflective Gear & Accessories for our Shortening Days

Have you found yourself saying, "It's getting dark so early!" yet? Chances are that darkness will fall before you're ready to head back inside, so here are our picks for this year's top reflective gear and reflective accessories. Lots of new stuff for fall 2015!

House of Astbury Reflective Bandana

Reflective Gear - Reflective Bandana from House of AstburyHouse of Astbury Reflective Bandana (£15)

We at Po Campo love functional, versatile things and the bandana has got to be one of the most versatile accessories ever made. Headband, neck gaiter, sweatband, eye patch…the list goes on and on.

Well, you’d think that such a simple and smart accessory could hardly be improved upon, but the House of Astbury did just that, by making it with a reflective pattern.

Po Campo Reflector Pins

Reflective Gear - Po Campo Reflector Pin

Po Campo Reflector Pins (2-pack for $9.99)

We rarely wander out without one of our Reflector Pins on our jacket, or sweater, or bag, and now with the sun setting earlier, you shouldn’t either. Available in your choice of three shapes – bird, star, or paw print ­– in a bunch of different colors. Get 25% off with discount code REFLECT through Nov 8. Shop now!

Tandem NY Skirtlegs Leg Warmers

Reflective Gear - Tandem NY Reflective Leg Warmers

Tandem NY Skirtlegs Leg Warmers ($78)

Leg warmers become a trusted friend as we move into colder weather, so what better than combining them with some reflective details. Tandem NY Skirtlegs leg warmers are made of a super soft and breathable acrylic knit with a stylin’ racer stripe reflective detail that runs up the calf. We also love that they have a back zipper so you can pull them on and off without removing your shoes. Genius!

Betabrand Flip Slips

Reflective Gear - Betabrand FlipSlips reflective shoes

Betabrand Flipslips ($78)

So much reflective goodness in Betabrand’s “Bike to Work” Collection that it was tough to choose, but after much debate, we determined that our favorite product is the Flip Slips shoe. Why? Well, as far as reflective gear goes, these are pretty darn cute. But we also love how they fold in half to easily store inside your Po Campo bag.

Vespertine's VESPERT Vest

Reflective Gear - Vespertine Reflective Vest

Vespertine VESPERT ($68) 

We're going to stay on the subject of reflective gear that folds up and fits in a Po Campo bag, and tell you about this awesome reflective vest. Did you think wearing a hi-viz safety vest was just for crossing guards? Think again.

Vespertine’s VESPERT is a chic, reflective vest that’s perfect for an early morning jog, walking the dog at dusk, or biking to a dinner date. We love the bright colors and how lightweight it is – you’ll barely feel that you have it on.

RydeSafe Reflective Stickers

Reflective Gear - RydeSafe reflective stickers

RydeSafe Reflective Stickers ($9 per kit)

The concept here is pretty easy to wrap your head around: reflective stickers that stick to, like, anything; but the execution is what makes these stickers so special. Like Tattly for temporary tattoos, RydeSafe stickers are created by real designers in cool shapes that can be combined into the most amazing patterns. Get creative with it – and get noticed!


Did we miss any of your picks for best reflective gear? If so, please leave your suggestions in the comments!


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  • Lei Mangubat

    Hi! I’ve been a long time follower of your blog, haven’t purchased anything yet though, still waiting for the right day to splurge for myself. :) Anyway, I love this post on reflective clothing. I love that there’s a more conscious effort now to fit reflective material on daily wear, so that it looks fashionable. I’d also like to include this. It’s a kickstarter project where ladies who live up in the ricefields in the northern Philippines (my home country!) knit reflective warm headwear for running and cycling. This is one of my sister and her friend’s initiatives (you can check out their page on Facebook: Knitting Expedition) and I thought you might be interested!

    Have a great day!

    Lei Mangubat

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