5 Small Things that Make Winter Biking Less Painful

Depending where you live, temperatures might be falling – fast. Does that mean you need to abandon winter biking? Hell no! Just carry these 5 small things with you to brave the colder temps.

Winter Biking Gear. 5 small things to make winter biking less painful

Po Campo Logan Trunk Bag packed with small things to make winter biking more enjoyable

All those organization pockets in your Po Campo bag can be put to good use in winter pocket, because they are perfectly sized to hold a few small items that will make your winter biking less painful. 

1. Tissues for your runny nose

One thing that you'll quickly notice when you try winter biking is how your nose will run – a ton. Why does this happen? One job of your nose is to warm and humidify the air that you breathe in before it passes into your lungs, so it increases fluid protection when you're inhaling cold, dry air. You do that in the cold anyway, but you breathe more while you ride, so this biological response is only magnified.

Winter Biking Gear: Handkerchief

You can try to perfect the blowing-your-nose-while-riding-manuever, but a classier option would be to keep a pack of tissues or a cute handkerchief at arms reach to blow your nose at a stop light. 

2. Lip balm for your dry lips

Next, cold, dry air does a number on your skin, especially your sensitive skin, like your lips and cheeks. If you're not already carrying lip balm with you when you head outside, you'll definitely want to for winter biking. Make it a habit to always keep one tucked into a Po Campo pocket and you'll always be protected! 

Winter Biking Gear: Lip Balm

We're partial to Burt's Bees Lip Balm ($4), but we encourage you to choose your favorite. Just steer clear of varieties with salicylic acid, camphor, phenol, and menthol, which can irritate and dry out your lips rather than nourish them.

3. Moisture-rich lotion for chilled hands

With winter biking, you're cold at first, but you'll generally warm up once you start getting going. Have you ever inspected your poor hands once you get back inside? Chances are they are red, dry, and feeling sorry for themselves. Thank them for steering you safely to your destination with some moisture-rich lotion.

Winter Biking Gear: Hand Lotion

Our pick here is the famous L'Occitane Shea Hand Butter Cream ($12). Smooth it over your knuckles and cuticles, then rub your hands together to generate a little heat. 

4. Hand and Toe Warmers

You're no dummy so we know you're already doubling up on your socks and dutifully wearing your glove liners. If your digits are still getting cold, you have to take it one step further and slip some hand/toe warmers into your socks and mittens for true warmth.

Winter Biking Gear: Hand Warmers

In a pinch, you can pick these up at the corner drugstore, or buy in bulk online for great savings. Either way, remember to keep two in your bag to make winter biking more than just about cold fingers and toes.

5. Balaclava Scarf for excess wind

There's two things we know for sure about winter biking gear: a balaclava really can't be beat for keeping your head and cheeks warm, and that it really can't be beat for making you look like you're biking to rob a bank.

Winter Biking Gear: Balaclava

That's why we're digging this combo scarf/face mask from Seirus Innovation ($15) this year. Just store it in your bag all winter long, and if the cold wind during your ride proves to be too painful, just wrap this around your neck to cover all of your face but your eyes. Heating up during your ride? Just pull it back down and into scarf mode.

Looking for some more accessories to help you cope with the challenges, er, joys, of winter biking? Watch the video from our founder Maria Boustead about her favorite winter biking gear and accessories.
What are some of your favorite tricks and tips to overcome colder temperatures that you experience while winter biking? Leave in the comments below!


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