A Conversation Between Patrick of 30 Days of Biking and Maria of Po Campo

Po Campo is delighted to partner with 30 Days of Biking this April on the Limited Edition Kent Handlebar Sling Bag, available for pre-order through April 30. Grab yours before they’re gone! 

How did this collaboration come to be? In this blog post, Maria Boustead, the Founder and CEO of Po Campo, and Patrick Stephenson, inventor of 30 Days of Biking, share why this collab makes a lot of sense – especially this year – and why community is so important.

Maria Boustead (MB): We started talking about doing a collab like this years ago, and I'm so glad we pulled it together for 2021. Why do you think Po Campo and 30 Days of Biking make natural partners? I have my ideas, but you go first.

Patrick Stephenson (PS): Well, because our riders need reliable, versatile bags that keep their important belongings safe and last a long time! I love that Po Campo is a woman-owned business (the majority of 30DOB riders identify as women, according to our social media demographics and my anecdotal observations) and I love that you donate a portion of sales to charity. Donating to the Asia Pacific Fund was a great extra incentive to get this partnership moving.

MB: The inclusivity and happiness of the people participating in #30DaysOfBiking immediately drew me to it and it feels so inline with Po Campo. I bet we have a lot of overlapping people in our communities already, so this collab totally makes sense.

I remember participating in #30DOB in the early days of Po Campo. I was living in Chicago then, which has similar weather to Minneapolis, and April really did feel like the month to shrug off winter and look forward to spring riding. You’d get rain, you might get snow, but you’d also get sunny, delightfully warm days. Connecting with other joyful bikers throughout the month made it extra special, just to have people to cheer you on, and see what people around the country (or world) were experiencing.

I’ve loved seeing how the #30DOB community has grown over the years! Why do you think community is so important to biking?

30 Days of Biking Community

PS: Thank you for sharing your #30DOB memories! Communities, in general, are important because they give people a sense of belonging in an atomized, isolating, lonely world. Bike communities like ours are empowering because they harness that feeling of belonging and aim everyone’s shared enthusiasm toward a great practice.

This past year has been very freaking hard on all of us. It’s great to have an event that gets us outside, reconnecting with people and our cities and towns, and feeling the joy of biking. It’s been extra cool to see 30 Days of Biking riders getting their vaccines this month, which has often meant missing a day, but talk about a great reason not to ride!

MB: Yes, #30DDOB has always been a reunion of sorts but this April feels even more so. Spring is such a time of awakening and delighting in new beginnings. I love the “Back in Action” phrase for this year’s occasion! Totally captures the feeling, and the medallion looks great on the bag.

PS: It sure does! That’s the fine work of Jesse Lindhorst (Friend & Fort), adapted from 30 Days of Biking’s 2021 spoke card. Gotta say, I have always wanted a 30 Days of Biking fanny pack/waist pack/bum bag. Good gear gets you riding, while bad gear may keep you off your bike. Any little obstacle, such as a bad bag, might be the dealbreaker that prevents you from getting on your bike. Good gear, like the kind Po Campo makes, enables adventures. It’s an extra little push to get out there and get biking. Plus, you know that once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to keep everything you need together in a safe place on your body.

MB: I loved how you summed it all up like that! I call it Po Campo’s “No Compromise Design Approach” — you shouldn’t have to choose between biking and having the bag that you love. This Kent 3-in-1 Sling Bag is a popular style for us for just those reasons; it’s a great size and snap to strap onto your handlebars, or wear like a sling bag or a fanny pack. PLUS it is made out of recycled bottles — how cool is that?

One last question. You already mentioned how Po Campo donates 1% of all of its sales to a charity of our customer’s choice. This is actually a new program for us this year and we’re super excited to offer our customers this. Why did you choose to default to Asia Pacific Fund for this donation?

PS: Because of this year’s rise in racism, violence, and bullying against Asians in the U.S. For example, as the Asia Pacific Fund notes, 1 in 4 Asian American youths have experienced anti-Asian bullying, and there’s been a huge spike in anti-Asian hate crimes this past year in the wake of COVID. These funds will be distributed to Bay Area nonprofits that address these issues. It’s a great organization and we’re proud to support it!

Don’t miss a chance to own a limited edition Po Campo x 30 Days of Biking Handlebar Sling Bag! Order yours today.

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