My Mother's Day Ideas From Being a Mom Over the Years

Every year is a struggle to give my kids perfect Mother’s Day ideas and don’t get me started on what I should get for my own mothers! When you start out as a mom, the first few years are generally organized by your partner or supportive adults. As the kids get older, they get involved in designing the day or determining the gift purchase. No matter what stage in life you are as a mother or the gift giver to a mother, finding a gift or organizing an experience can be a challenge. 

From my collection of homemade cards.

The best Mother’s Day ideas change over the years

I am headed into my 14th year as a mother and the best gifts for me always involve a gift and an experience. When my kids were little, I would get a handmade card, but the real gift would be to have the whole day to myself to do as I liked. One year I just worked in my garden weeding, planning, and planting without interruption or family obligation. A different year I took the opportunity to do a solo 60 mile loop through wine country on my bike. There was a great café at the halfway point for lunch and biking in May was a dream. As my kids have grown, I still enjoy a day to myself, but I also enjoy spending a planned day with them. The key is that they do the planning! We now garden, cook and bike together regularly, so Mother’s Day is just a day that is hyper focused on me.

Cooking together back in 2015

My 2021 Mother’s Day ideas  (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

This year, my dream gift would be for my family to plan a picnic bike ride. Biking in Hong Kong is easy and comfortable on the extensive bike trail located in the New Territories. There are loads of parks along the way to stop for a bite to eat. For my family outing we can pack the food into our Mardy Cargo Backpack Pannier (pre-order only) and our personal items into our Kinga 2 and Speedy handlebar bags.

My family helping me test out new Po Campo bags in October
We don't have room in our apartment for bikes so we rent them from one of the many shops along the trail. Having bags that can easily go on and off the bike is super handy for our current lifestyle.
Although there are plenty of restaurants along the bike path; this year I think a picnic would be more fun.
Menu: (Honestly this is our go-to for all picnics)
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches with chopped up basil mixed in with the lettuce
  • Sliced veggies (we usually have carrots, cucumbers, and celery)
  • Sliced Apples
  • Bag of chips (special treat!) and maybe some cookies
  • Drinks – Diluted fruit tea for the kids and champagne for me and dad!
  • Blanket
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit
  • Portable game
  • Hand sanitizer/alcohol wipes

We try our best to pack sustainably with re-useable containers or packaging. I want to make a bunch of beeswax wraps for sandwiches because they work the same as foil. After the picnic we will condense or dispose of our waste, leaving room in the Mardy for any remaining groceries the kids need to make Mother’s Day dinner.

If you have any brilliant Mother’s Day ideas for a biking adventure for yourself or the mom in your life, leave them in the comments below. Maybe your family will read them and get the hint!

Need a great Mother's Day Idea? 

Get mom the "Fun in the Sun" Gift Set


Moms at any stage in life appreciate having a day planned in their honor. Planning a bike picnic could be a great way to get some fresh air, some exercise, and enjoy a socially distanced meal. If you already have a great plan for this year - don't hold back! All of summer is ahead of you, plan a surprise bike picnic for the future!


Here are some Mother’s Day Ideas on how to pack a bike picnic for mom with a little help for your Po Campo bags!

To pack your own picnic, you will need carry your food – but that does not mean you need to leave the bikes in the garage! Panniers and Trunk bags will carry all you need for a family picnic.

  • We have 3 versatile Handlebar bags for every member of the family – Kids can carry their own gear with our new Kid’s Line.
  • For the heavy lifting, fill up a Mardy Backpack Cargo Pannier with blankets and lunch. The bottom compartment can store all your drinks – toss in a freezer pack to keep them cool on the ride. 
  • For mom, gift her a Chelsea or a Kinga and let her know that she only needs to pack for herself – you have taken care of everything else!


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