Hit The Road On A Cycling Vacation

Family summer vacations used to begin with long, sweaty rides in station wagons. 

That was back in the day when AC didn’t come standard and seatbelts were optional. It was also the decade of the bench seat that sat way in the back of the vehicle and faced backward, which allowed kids to stare at the drivers’ behind them while mouthing, “Are we almost there?”

That was then. This is now!

Now, families, couples, and solo travelers are ditching vacations that revolve around cars and opting for adventures that focus on cycling.

Ready to hit the back roads, and explore bike friendly vacation spots? Read on!

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Cycling Vacations on the Backroads

Whether you prefer to cycle deep in the valleys of the desert, high atop mountain ridges, or through the vibrant greens and purples of wine country, you’re going to want to hit the backroads. 

We know what it’s like to be on the road alongside drivers who haven’t recently brushed up on the safety procedures that allow us all to share the road safely, and we know the freedom of feeling the wind across our faces as we take in the splendor of nature. 

When you’re heading out onto the backroads, you want to be stocked up with all the necessities without throwing your balance or interrupting your flow. 

water bottle for vacation. Blip Water bottle feed bag

First up, our Blip Water Bottle Feed Bag will keep your kids hydrated while you’re on the move. Simply secure it to their handlebars or top tube for the ride, attach it to a bike bag, or roll it up and stow it when you’re on foot. 

Next on the list for hitting the backroads on your cycling vacation is a bike bag. When you use a bike bag, instead of a backpack, you say goodbye to the discomfort of a sweaty back and extra weight on your body and hello to a more easy breezy ride. Let your bike do the work of carrying your stuff! 

bike bags

Our stylish bike bags and panniers are vegan and crafted from weatherproof materials, and they’re designed with your comfort in mind. Whether you prefer handlebar bags, bike trunk bags, or panniers, we’ve designed them all so you’ll have exactly what you need to live your life by bike. 


Bike Friendly Vacation Spots

What makes a bike friendly vacation spot, anyway?

Mainly backroads, carefully planned trails, a local culture that embraces active living, and amazing scenery!

If towering cacti, wide-open horizons where you can see the sky meeting the earth, and mild winters are your thing, the Arizona desert is the place for you. The Arizona backroads are perfect for bike friendly vacations. 

The desert landscapes in Arizona are unparalleled in beauty. Scenic mountain ranges, wildflower fields, landscapes that are so open you’ll experience silence and freedom you’ve likely never known was possible. Sedona, Grand Canyon, and areas near Flagstaff are renowned for their mountain biking trails.

While Arizona can make you feel like you’re traveling back in time to when the west was still wild and untouched by human beings, the Katy Trail in Missouri provides a smooth ride along the longest continuous rail-trail bike path in America. 

When you and your family hit this trail, you can expect to take breaks along rolling riversides, beneath towering river bluffs, and beside peaceful farmland in small-town Americana. You will also have your pick of cozy inns and B&Bs along the trail. 

Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag


Our Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag is a great option for you and your family while on a cycling vacation. These bags easily fasten to the top of your bike’s rear rack with adjustable and secure Velcro straps and then convert into a crossbody bag to carry with you when you head out on foot. There’s also plenty of room for a change of clothes, water bottles, that great book you’ve been waiting to read, and snacks!

The final bike friendly vacation spot we are focusing on this summer is California wine country. 

Consider cycling through the majesty of soaring redwood forests, wide open valleys filled with colorful vineyards, and taking in the dramatic views of the Pacific coast. Then, hopping off in the afternoon to enjoy some of the USA’s most vibrant wine and foodie-inspired organic fare. 

Choosing a cycling vacation through the Napa and Sonoma Vineyards is an enlightening experience, and one where you won’t want to leave the trail for long. When you do decide to head off the trail and into the forest or along the sprawling vineyards, our new Mardy Backpack Pannier is a great addition to your journey.

Mardy Backpack Pannier


The sturdy Mardy Backpack Pannier is our highest capacity waterproof bike bag, and it’s packed full of features for long days of cycling and adventure. It attaches/detaches to your bike in seconds with super-strong Fidlock magnetic buckles. The Mardy then converts to a comfortable backpack or shoulder tote when off the bike. 

family cycling vacations

Wherever you’re headed for your cycling vacation this year, whether it’s the backroads or a specifically bike friendly vacation spot, we’ve got you covered so you can enjoy the ride! 

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A few short videos on our products and how they can serve you well on your cycling vacation: https://www.pocampo.com/blogs/all/see-what-fits 


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