Bike Totes: The Fashionable & Versatile Accessory

Whether riding your bike to work, stopping off at the store for a few items, or traveling to school, the lack of storage on bicycles is painfully obvious.  Luckily, Po Campo’s line of bike totes is the stylish solution to your storage woes.

Bike Totes: The Fashionable & Versatile Accessory


Bike Totes: The Fashionable & Versatile Accessory

What are Bike Totes?

Totes have been around for thousands of years.  Bicycles, not so much.  But as long as people have been riding horses to get around, they have had to figure out a way to carry their belongings.  People developed totes called panniers to transport their goods.  Sticking with this tried and tested method, Po Campo’s panniers, handlebar bags and saddle bags are the modern rendition of the classic totes, with much more versatility.


Bike totes - bike trunk bag

Keep Your Hands Where They Belong

Not everyone can juggle, and even less people would be willing to try to juggle their cell phone while riding a bicycle.  The durable Kinga and Kent Sling Handlebar Bags are the perfect way to store and protect your cell phone while your hands stay where they belong: on the handlebars.  You should enjoy your ride without fear of dropping your $1,000 investment or losing control of your bike!


Mardy Backpack Pannier Bike Tote

We, at Po Campo, definitely kept versatility in mind when designing bike totes. Some can change into shoulder bags, others into backpacks, and some into crossbody bags. As a result, once you are done with your ride, you can carry your belongings easily to your next destination. With the ability to detach easily within seconds, the array of panniers and bags exemplify multi-function. 

For example, the Mardy Backpack Pannier converts into a backpack or a shoulder tote bag. Thinking of a sling bag or waist pack?  The Kent Sling Handlebar Bag converts into both!  If “fanny packs” aren’t your thing, the Bergen Pannier 2 and Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag convert into crossbody bags. This allows you to keep your hands free while navigating the busy streets.  From bike-mounted to on-the-go, these bags ensure every rider can carry their belongings with ease.


No one wants to spend money on a product that will fall apart one week later.  When buying anything, you want the materials to last.  By using durable materials and buckles, we ensure our bike bags won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse.  Our waterproof materials are both protective and stylish, with pattern and color options available for almost all of our products. The reinforced straps of our bike bags ensure they remain strong and sturdy. The coated zippers increase the longevity of our bags and deliver additional rain protection while safeguarding against wear and tear. 


storage in bike bags

Work, groceries, school, a leisurely ride: all require differing amounts of storage.  With a variety of bike bags, we give you the ability to choose what will pair with your storage needs.

One of our largest capacity bags is the Mardy Backpack Pannier. It can carry all of your groceries and items for bike outings. In addition, the Bergen Pannier  is the second largest bike tote. It is perfect for daily commuting and will hold work essentials, including a padded laptop pocket The Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag is our medium capacity bike tote. It is a favorite for people wanting a bike bag for recreational rides. Whether you enjoy biking to picnics, the gym, or elsewhere, this bag has many uses. Storage space is an important consideration when buying a bag, so make sure you buy one that fits your lifestyle. 

Unique Capabilities

When choosing a front or rear bike bag, you should consider its unique capabilities to make sure your bag coincides with your needs.  If you’re in an area that is prone to downpours, the built-in raincover in our Mardy Backpack Pannier and Bergen Pannier 2 keeps your items dry, even though you may not be. If you need to protect your laptop or tablet, the Bergen Pannier 2 and Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag have padded pockets to protect your electronic devices.  All of our bags come with reflective stripes to ensure you’re visible after dark.

When looking for your bike bag, consider the versatility and high quality of the materials. Your bike tote should have the proper storage for your lifestyle without feeling cumbersome. Find the right bag that has the unique capabilities that suit your needs. With the options on the Po Campo line, we hope you will be thrilled with the bag you purchased.


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