Fancy Women Bike Ride: What to Wear

fancy women bike ride what to wear

World Car Free Day is coming up next week, which means the Fancy Women Bike Ride is also right around the corner!


The 11th annual Fancy Women Bike Ride is happening this Sunday, September 17! If you’re in NYC, get dressed in your finest clothing and cycle from Duffy Square down to Washington Square. Our fabulous ambassador Maddy (@cargobikemomma) is co-hosting this year’s NYC event! Read full event details here.

Not in NYC? On September 18 you can join a Fancy Women Bike Ride in: 

What is the Fancy Women Bike Ride?

Sema Gür hosted the first Fancy Women Bike Ride in 2013 to help raise awareness for World Car Free Day. The ride encourages women to take to the streets with their bikes, to show that everyone (really, everyone!) can ride a bike… even while wearing a fancy dress. Many riders also decorate their bikes to add to the fun!

The Fancy Women Bike Ride was born in response to the fact that cycling is such a male-dominated sport. It’s not a race or a competition - it’s a fun, slow ride to inspire more women to get out and really enjoy the beauty of cycling.

fancy women bike ride what to wear


How to “Ride Fancy”

The dress code is: Fancy, fierce, fabulous (whatever makes you feel beautiful, strong, and great!)

For us, that means dresses and skirts! Your flowy skirt may look amazing whipping in the wind as you ride, but, we admit, it can be tricky to ride in a dress or skirt without unexpectedly exposing yourself to those around you. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for safely riding a bike in a skirt or dress, here.

Those tips will help keep you covered (literally) while cycling, but what other wardrobe factors should you consider for the Fancy Women Bike Ride?

Anatomy of a Good Bike Dress

Here’s the anatomy of a good bike dress: 

The one thing this dress is missing is pockets! Fortunately, you can keep everything you need for your ride close at hand with a stylish bike bag. Po Campo’s Domino Handlebar Bag fits on most handlebars and offers easy access to your phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, small snacks, and more. The best part? Kinga also converts into a fashionable crossbody bag to carry with you if you make any off-bike stops!

If you need to carry more than the basics, consider the Chelsea Trunk Bag, which can carry your water bottle and is also big enough to fit a lightweight cardigan if your ride is chilly! Like Kinga, the Chelsea Trunk Bag also converts into a shoulder bag for easy off-bike carrying.

What other factors do you look for in a bike dress?

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    Sounds fun! I’d love it if you brought back the Logan trunk bag style. It looks so elegant with the top handles, both on and off the bike. I have an original yellow one from way back, but it’s showing its age and I would love to have another. Love the similar Uptown style too. Thanks!

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