Our Top Ideas for Earth Day Activities

Looking for ideas for Earth Day activities? Keep reading to discover ways to bring awareness to how your habits can play a part in protecting our planet.

This is guest post from Judy, one of our brand ambassadors in Minneapolis-St. Paul

About Earth Day

Earth Day was created in 1970 with the idea to “bring 20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform."  It has since grown into a day to discuss environmental issues, linking people around the world into a day of action to change human behavior and provoke policy change.

These days, more than ever, it’s important to take time to observe where your life is out of balance with our delicate ecosystem and to take steps to re-balance it.  With over 500 million people anticipated to celebrate this year, here are some ideas for Earth Day to help you be a part of the solution. Let's take it element by element:

Ideas for Earth Day: Air

Clear the air by planting trees and wildflowers.  Trees will take in carbon dioxide from greenhouse gas emissions and provide oxygen.  Planting wildflowers helps to provide sustenance for pollinators—like planting milkweed for monarch butterflies or bee balm for hummingbirds.  

Ideas for Earth Day: Po Campo Bergen PannierPo Campo Bergen Pannier ($115)

Another excellent idea for an Earth Day activity is to give your car a rest and bike to the Farmer’s Market.  The Po Campo Bergen Pannier has a capacity of 23.6 liters and is perfect for carrying your fresh produce and flowers home safely without putting harmful emissions into the air. The Bergen Pannier attaches to your bike's rear rack with super-strong Fidlock® magnetic buckles rated to hold 80 lbs, and it converts to a crossbody bag to carry with you throughout the day.

Ideas for Earth Day: Water

Did you know a gallon of gasoline takes nearly 13 gallons of water to produce? (National Geographic, Water Conservation Tips)  By riding your bike as transportation to get to work, school, or shopping helps to reduce both water use and carbon emissions.  Most of our errands are within a 5-mile radius from home—this is 15 minutes by bike.  

Ideas for Earth Day: Earth

Be a steward of the Earth.  While it is great fun to shop at a Farmer’s Market, digging into the earth, watching seeds sprouts, eating the harvest are great ways to learn and appreciate all that the earth has to give for our survival.  

Ideas for Earth Day - Urban Garden(Image source)

You can garden just about anywhere – in a plot in your back yard, in containers on your deck, or in a community garden. This gives you the opportunity to learn first-hand about the cycles of nature and a new appreciation for what you eat. Not sure where to get started? Read our post about Urban Garden Basics

Ideas for Earth Day: Fire/Sun

Instead of burning fossil fuels driving your car, try burning calories, take in some fresh Vitamin D, and rebalance your life by bike.  But why stop at biking for just one day? As part of your Earth Day activities, join a community of cyclists around the world who have pledged to do a daily ride in April through #30DaysOfBiking.  30DoB started in 2010 created to inspire people to ride – to be with friends, to explore by bike, to make new friends, for the freedom and the joy biking provides.  

Ideas for Earth Day Activities: Bike RidePhoto from 30 Days of Biking kick-off ride on April 1

Best of all, they are donating to our nonprofit partner World Bicycle Relief during April too.  Even if you haven’t taken the pledge, you can join the community of Joyful Riders by taking short trips daily by bike.  Riding with a friend or a group of friends is a great way to get into the habit of bicycling every day.  


Participating in Earth Day activities is a great way to be engaged in your community. Whether your community is your back yard or the world, learn about the elements that most concern you.  Become an advocate by asking your senators and representative to address environmental issues or join a community group that addresses those topics. Or you can join a community project to make your city healthier.  

Whatever Earth Day activities you decide to do this April 22nd, take time out to appreciate the earth, and hopefully, the sun’s warmth by taking a hike along the river, going by bike on a picnic with your kids, or having friends over for a sustainable meal.  It’s all there thanks to Mother Nature.  

About Judy

Judy has a passion to foster positive, active lifestyles for the social, environmental, and health benefits it provides.  She guides bicyclists through classes and rides to encourage and empower safe, confident riders in our community.  

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