Q&A With Brand Ambassador Christina

Christina is a bi-coastal biker who blogs at www.citygirlrides.com, where her passion for sustainable cities, nature, cycling, and empowerment infuses her content. Get to know Christina a little more in this Q & A.

Note: All images are Christina's. Follow her on Instagram at @citygirlrides

Christina Torres

Tell us your bike story. How did you get into biking, what kind of biking do you do, etc.

I began cycling as a lifestyle choice mostly as a commuter in San Francisco in 2009. As a student in Sustainable Urban Development at the time, I had to test alternative transit but found that I really loved cycling and got really invested in cycling advocacy in my community and as a blogger. I started blogging as City Girl Rides as women were asking for style tips, product recommendations, and resources to cycling in the city, so blogging became a great tool to inspire women and conquer key issues to getting women into cycling as a lifestyle. Today, I continue to maintain the blog and coordinate women’s group rides as a leader in my town of Kent, NY. 

Where are your favorite places to bike in your hometown, and why?

I live part time between my original hometown in Los Angeles, CA and Kent, NY and definitely have my favorites in both places. In Los Angeles, I love cycling the Marvin Braude Trail from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach through Palos Verdes and back. There is no shortage of bike path along with beach and cliff ocean views for miles. I like ending my ride with a coffee at LA Rapha Cycling Club. When I’m in NY, I really like cycling the rail trails throughout the Hudson Valley but my usual ride goes along the Putnam Rail Trail to Croton Reservoir. The trail is all bike path surrounded by woodland, lakes, and farmland, great for getting some peace and quiet in the woods away from traffic. 

A suggestion for women who are interested in biking but have safety concerns?

Join a cycling group to help you gain more confidence, communication, and riding skills on the road. Riding with other people will help you gain all these skills and provide a community to support you with an added benefit of making bike friends. If you can’t do that or don’t feel comfortable in groups, start small by cycling to your local shops, on local bike trails, and practice communicating your movements in traffic. 

Do you have any bike goals for 2018?

I have 3 bike goals for 2018. First is building and expanding my local cycling community for women, Hudson Valley Women’s Cycling. Second is get fitter to ride my first NYC Century ride. Third is to cycle in Ireland this summer. 

What are you hoping to accomplish as a brand ambassador this year?

My goal is to build and engage with Po Campo’s community. Whether it’s through bike rides, blogging, events, or other forms of community engagement, making cycling accessible and enjoyable for both girls and women opens the door to getting them more comfortable and confident on bikes.

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