Things To Do On Earth Day

Earth Day, April 22, is our yearly reminder to appreciate our planet. It’s like Mother’s Day for the mother that just wants us to be better to ourselves and nature. So why not take the day or the month to do things to show your appreciation, that will benefit the Earth. This is the perfect time to give back to Mother Earth after all she does for us.recycling earth day
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Here are some suggestions of things to do to celebrate Earth Day:

Ride A Bike

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Of course we here at Po Campo love biking. But bikes are also the easiest way to be Earth- friendly. If you’re going on and outing or to meet up with friend, opt to ride a bike instead of driving or taking public transportation. You could celebrate Earth Day by going on a bike ride though the park or biking to a clean up event. Taking a break from driving and over utilizing electricity is a step in helping to keep our planet greener.

Opting to bike reducing the amount of carbon dioxide polluting the air.

Helping the Earth Show Its Beauty

Gardening for Earth Day

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April is the best time for plants and flowers to flourish. So bike to your local garden or plant something in your backyard. Planting flowers and trees is a great way to help Earth and the environment. Plants help to provide clean air and oxygen while also beautifying the community.

Outdoor Fun

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Just get out of the house. For the month of April try to spend more time outdoors. Go hiking, camping, fishing, biking to the lake-- these are all fun ways to enjoy the outdoors. These leisuring activities will help you to relax while build a better connection will nature, which has its own benefits.

Attending an Earth Day Event

There are many events that happen all across the country, which allows many opportunities for people to get involved. There are festivals, biking events, local clean ups, and other volunteering activities. Because what is a better way to connect with the Earth than by volunteering to keep it green?

If you are in New York City, annual events like Earth Day New York in Union Square on April 15th and Car Free Earth Day on April 21st  are a great events to attend in celebrating Earth Day.

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Our planet is truly a magnificent place, providing ups with air, water, and food. Whatever adventure or activities you decide to embark upon this Earth Day, take some time out to appreciate, reconnect and enjoy the beauty of the Earth.

Happy Mother Earth Day!

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