Retailer Spotlight: Lucky Brake Bicycles

Our Retailer Spotlight of June is Lucky Brake Bicycles. Get to know them and find out what makes them special in this blog post.

Each month we highlight one of our retail partners to get to know them better. If you have a suggestion for a small business that would be a good home for Po Campo, drop us a line and let us know! Support your local retailers! #ShopLocal #ShopSmall

As told to us by Karrie of Lucky Brake Bicycles!


1. Tell us a bit about your shop. How long have you been in business? Why did you decide to open a store where you did?

I have owned this shop for 6 years, and was employed here for 17 years prior to buying. Ya know, my "Lucky Brake". Cool fact is this location was one of the first Schwinn franchise stores back in 1951. We are a strong community store, family owned and operated. Providing outlets for many types of riders to enjoy life on two wheels.

2. What do your customers like best about shopping at your store? What makes Lucky Brake special?

We host an annual Used Bike Auction, 25 years and running. And acquire the bikes we auction from trade in bikes. Proceeds go to Crime Stoppers of Mchenry County. Also, we're an honest fun group. Don't expect to be "sold", expect knowledgeable bike friendly folks! 

3. What does Po Campo bring to your product assortment?

Why do you like having us in your shop?
PoCampo brings colorful bags with function. And ladies need something to call their own in this masculine world of bikes. 

4. What's something you're excited about either in the future of your business, your industry, your city, or just in the world in general?

We are applying for a grant from Specialized Bicycles and their Specialized Foundation supporting children with ADHD and mental health issues. Application will be submitted Spring of 2018! Wish us luck!

5. Share a short story about a time when something happened at Lucky Brake and you were like, "Now this is why I do this!". 

Most recently I've worked with an amazing women my age who has MS. We got her to ride a trike comfortably and hearing her say "I can do this, and it doesn't hurt". Very gratifying experience, worth all the effort!

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