5 Reasons We Love World Bicycle Relief

Are bicycles changing the world? Absolutely! We see the impact in our lives every day, from reducing the number of cars on the road to giving us environmentally friendly options for getting around. 

But for those in developing regions, bicycles can be a lifeline for access to education, healthcare, and jobs. World Bicycle Relief is a charity that’s leading the way in providing high-quality bicycles in Africa and around the worldand changing lives in the process.

Read on to see why Po Campo loves World Bicycle Relief!

Student on bicycle donated by World Bicycle Relief in Africa

Image courtesy of World Bicycle Relief

1. WBR’s Life-Changing Impact

With over half a million bikes donated so far, World Bicycle Relief is having a positive effect on everyone who receives their bicycles. Students–and especially girls–are improving their access to education by getting to school quickly and back home to help their families. Healthcare workers are visiting 88% more patients and reaching more remote villages. And that’s saving lives.

Healthcare worker on bicycle donated by World Bicycle Relief in

Image courtesy of World Bicycle Relief 

 2. Their Partnerships Around the World

Organizations and companies have taken notice, too. Partners include UNICEF and the World Health Organization, plus Google and tons of bicycle companies like Trek, Bicycle Times, and Po Campo. In 2019, we donated 100 bikes to girls in Africa. Together, we’re putting life-changing mobility into action.

3. Their Innovative Bicycles

These bikes are streamlined, sturdy, and built to last. Named the Buffalo Bicycle, they are engineered to handle the rugged roads and harsh conditions their new owners may face. And if they ever break down? Check out #4.

4. The Education They Provide

World Bicycle Relief also has a special training program for bicycle mechanics. So far, they’ve trained nearly 2,600that’s a lot of new jobs and economic opportunities! Their mechanics travel to rural areas to provide preventative maintenance and spare parts for World Bicycle Relief bikes. Every day they’re also spreading the word about how great the program is.

Bicycle mechanic fixing bike donated by World Bicycle Relief in Africa

Image courtesy of World Bicycle Relief 

5. An Opportunity to Change the World

Fans of World Bicycle Relief in 38 countries raise money to donate bicycles. But it goes beyond that. Sue Henry, a supporter who visited World Bicycle Relief's programs in Zambia, said, “Before, I thought this was about a bike. Now, I see this is about life.” Some have even supported an entire school in a rural area—now that’s the Power of Bicycles in action!

To learn more about our featured charity, World Bicycle Relief, and how you can get involved, visit their website: https://worldbicyclerelief.org

Logo for World Bicycle Relief, a charity providing donated bicycles to students and healthcare workers in Africa

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