How to Wear Summer Clothes in Winter

It happens every year. Cooler temperatures arrive in Autumn and we happily pull out our cozy sweaters, all ready to snuggle up by the fireplace. But, come February, we tire of our winter wear and start looking forward to returning to our favorites spring pieces. Is it possible to skip ahead a few months and wear summer clothes in winter? 

The answer is yes. You don’t have to wait until spring to don your favorite warm weather duds. Here are our layering tips for incorporating spring clothes into your winter wardrobe.

How To Wear Summer Clothes in Winter

Turtleneck Under a Dress

Summer Clothes in Winter - Turtleneck. How to Wear Summer Clothes in Winter

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with the Six Corners Handlebar Bag in Sky Stripes ($39.99)

If you've been looking longingly at your summer dresses hanging in your closet, the easiest way to put them back into rotation is to wear a turtleneck underneath. Long a staple in the winter layering arsenal, turtlenecks came back in Fall 2015 in a big way and are prefect for wearing summer clothes during winter. Pair the turtleneck with some warm tights and boots and you're all set.

Structured Jacket over a Short Sleeved Blouse

Summer Clothes in Winter - Structured Jacket(Image source)
with the Six Corners Handlebar Bag in Black Herringbone ($39.99)

Summer Clothes in Winter - Structured Jacket

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with the Logan Trunk Bag in Umber ($79.99)

A structured jacket transforms your favorite summer tops into standard winter wear. The look works with blouses, tank tops, even T-shirts. Finish the look with a nice warm sweater to cover your neck (if your top leaves it exposed).

Summer Pattern / Winter Pattern Mismatch

Summer Clothes in Winter - Sweater

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with the Logan Trunk Bag in Petals ($79.99)

When it comes to how to wear summer clothes in winter, one way to brighten up a winter's day is to wear some bright floral patterns. Chances are that your floral prints are in your summer wardrobe, though, not your winter one. Don't let that stop you! Top a floral blouse or dress with warm winter Fair Isle pattern sweater for a little pattern mismatch goodness.

Wear Tights with Cut-Offs

Summer Clothes in Winter - Cut-Offs

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with the Midway Weekender in Black Herringbone ($94.99)

We love this look! Nothing says carefree summer days like cut-offs, and if you need some of that vibe in your winter wear, wearing tights underneath is definitely a great way to rock it. Try Uniqlo's Heattech leggings for warm tights that aren't bulky.

What are some of your styling tips for how to wear summer clothes in winter? Please leave in the comments below!

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  • Kelly Hubbard

    I live where black is the traditional colour. I would love to see people in some other colour, even brown, grey or navy. I myself overwear black. But I do like to add a texture, colour or print. Even during summer everyone still wears black. It is boring but I admit safe and alot of times I feel like a black victim too.
    Kelly Hubbard

  • Zahoor Ahmad Faisal

    Such a great winter collection. I like your post. I would like to buy winter collection.

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