Bike Commuting Essentials

Biking to work is a fantastic way to get exercise, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your health. Read more to find out about bike commuting essentials that will make your commute fun and safe. 

Bike Commuting Essentials

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There are several biking commuting essentials to choose from. In this blog post, you will find the absolute essentials, the city essentials, and commuting essential accessories. 

Primary Biking Essentials

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The only bike commuting essential is a bike, and possibly a helmet. There are many types of bikes and helmets. NY Mag listed some of the best commuter bikes of 2021 here. Additionally, there are many varieties of helmets, such as vintage bike helmets. For an easy-to store helmet, consider using foldable helmets.

Other accessories make your commute much easier and safer, so we consider them essentials as well. Some safety essentials that are important are rechargeable LED lights and a safety bell. Also, reflector pins are important for visibility and safety.

Rechargeable Clip On Bike Light


If you plan on parking your bike outside, a bicycle lock is mandatory because bicycles are frequently stolen. In fact, over 188,500 bicycle thefts are reported each year in the United States! (Markel) As a result, having a high quality lock is well worth the price. A titanium lock is cost effective as well as incredibly strong. Additionally, titanium is actually stronger than steel. An example of a titanium bike lock is the TiGR mini + Ulock by TiGr Lock. It has a large locking area, provides proven bicycle security, and attaches to the bike frame. A slightly smaller surface area version of the lock is also available. Getting a high quality bicycle lock will protect your bike and allow you peace of mind as you commute to work. 

TiGR mini + Ulock Titanium Bike Lock


List of Bike Commuting Essentials

bike bags and accessories


It’s difficult to commute without storing your essentials. A bike commuter bag can store your laptop, work items, and even your lunch. Stylish panniers such as the Bergen Pannier 2, the Irving Pannier 2 or the Mardy Backpack Pannier fasten to the rear rack. In addition to panniers, bike trunk bags such as the Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag fashionably store spare clothes, a sack lunch, or other bike accessories. These bags are designed to safely keep your items dry even when it rains so you can ride with confidence. They are also great for transitioning into a gym bag or a cross-body bag. A multi-functional bag is extremely useful, particularly when commuting to work, so these commuter bags really are a must-have item. 

Bike Commuter Bags

Similarly, a handlebar bag is another commuting essential as they have many features and functions that make them especially useful during a bike commute. A handlebar bag can store important items, such as your wallet, phone, keys, and more, and keep them within arm’s reach right in front of you. . The Kinga Handlebar Bag 2 and the Kent Sling Handlebar Bag are waterproof, durable and adjustable. They also transition into a cross-body or sling bag, making them especially versatile. 

Handlebar Bags

kinga handlebar bag 2 - bike commuting essentials
Kent Sling Handlebar Bag

Kent Sling Handlebar Bag


Commuting Essential Accessories

There are several other bike necessities that make your trips easier and safer. In particular, a saddle bag can be very useful. These smaller capacity bags provide additional storage for things like snacks, tools, phone, and any first-aid items (or whatever else you choose to store there). Saddle bags are stored under your bike seat.

Saddle Bags

Hudson Saddle Bag 2

 Hudson Saddle Bag 2

A bike water bottle bag is another handy accessory, especially if you have a long way to ride. Not all bikes are equipped with water bottle cages, so this essential allows you store your water bottle on your handlebars and take sips of nice cool water while on the go. If you'd prefer a traditional water bottle that fits directly in your bike bag, try the 21 oz insulated water bottle.

 Bike Water Bottle Feed Bag

 Blip Water Bottle Feed Bag

Whether to protect yourself against pollution, pollen, or anything else harmful in the air, when masking up, consider a breathable mask with a reflective stripe. The reflective stripe helps give you additional visibility, which is an important safety feature when biking in low light conditions.

Lastly, if it is cold where you live, consider getting some reusable hand warmers. Hand warmers keep your hands warm and limber, which allow you to safely bike to work. These warmers stay warm for 15-25 minutes. In addition, they can be reused about 300 times! 


reusable hand warmers

Reusable Hand Warmers

Quality bike bags and accessories bring safety and convenience to your commute. Shop Po Campo bike bags and accessories here.

Po Campo provides quality bike bags and accessories for bike commuters. In addition to providing convenient storage, they offer safety by adding visibility features and locks. To ensure a well-prepared commute, turn to Po Campo for your bike commuting needs.


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