All About the Po Campo Bergen Pannier

We're thrilled to introduce our Bergen Pannier, our largest bike bag ever! Keep reading to learn all about it.

Over the years, one of the things people would tell me most often was, "I love your bags but they're not big enough for what I carry every day!" I knew designing a bigger bike bag was a priority, but honestly I was a little intimidated by it. The bigger the bag, the trickier it is to fit on a bike without heel strike, and the more complicated it is distribute the weight of a big bag full of groceries.

So maybe this bag took a little longer to develop than a normal bag, but what can I say – I'm a thorough person. Regardless, I'm super excited to debut it this spring! Here are its main features:

1. Super Strong Magnetic Buckles for Quick and Easy Attachment

Some long time Po Campo fans may remember our Loop Pannier, which we discontinued a couple years ago. I loved how secure the attachment was but always thought it was a little fussy and wanted to go into a different direction for this new pannier iteration.

One day when I was prototyping some bags and said to myself, "If only the buckles could be magnetic...". After much searching, I eventually found Fidlock® - a German company that makes super strong magnet buckles. At last!

Po Campo Bergen Pannier Magnetic Buckles


To attach the bags, push up on the bottom of the buckle to release the magnet, drape the strap over the rack, and then the magnets just find each other! Easy peasy! Each magnet holds about 88 lbs, so they're super strong!

The Bergen Pannier also has a third point of attachment: Just pull the ring down and slide it over the hook at the bottom of the rack to keep the bag from bouncing (optional).

2. Foldover Style Large Enough to Hold a 15" Computer – and a yoga mat

I wanted our Bergen Pannier to be an everyday bag that you would use whether you were carrying a little or a lot. The fold over style gives you a sense of expansion.

Po Campo Bergen Pannier

When it's folded over, you can still fully use the organization pockets and padded tablet pocket. Unfold the bag if you need to carry larger things, like a 15" laptop or a bunch of groceries.

Po Campo Bergen Pannier

Need to carry even bigger things, like a yoga mat? Just don't zipper the bag all the way closed.Po Campo Bergen Pannier Yoga Mat

3. Multiple Carrying Options

Carrying the Po Campo Bergen Pannier by its tote handles or wear it as a crossbody  bag using the adjustable shoulder – we've included a shoulder pad to comfortably carry a lot of weight.

Po Campo Bergen Pannier

What to do with the shoulder strap when it's on your bike? There's a special pocket on the backside to tuck the shoulder strap into while riding so you don't have to worry about it falling into the wheel.

So, how do you think I did? Please leave your comments about what you like and what you'd like to see in the next edition below.

And shop the new selection!

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  • Emily

    Why did you guys stop making these? I use this all the time for biking and it’s awesome and I wish my friends could still get one! 🫠

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