Panniers For Commuting: Taking The Weight Off Your Shoulders

Every superhero needs a sidekick. When you’re commuting to work or school, having a trusty helper handy to hold your essentials is important. To make your day go a little more smoothly, fasten a pannier to your bike, instead of carrying the weight of your belongings on your back.

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Regular backpacks are bulky and make your back sweat and, let’s face it, briefcases don’t sit well on handlebars. Finding a practical, convenient, and stylish pannier bag will help set the tone for your day. 

Panniers For Commuting

Panniers Are Perfect Helpers

Panniers are roomy storage bags that attach onto the back racks of bikes. They give commuters the comfort and space they need on the go, while adding style with trendy designs and patterns. Panniers can hold groceries, books, electronics, office supplies, and anything else you might need. Panniers that are weatherproof and reflective ensure you and your belongings stay safe on the road. More and more people are choosing panniers for commuting by bike because they carry the weight, freeing you up to just enjoy the ride.

Finding Your Style On The Go

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Since different styles of panniers attach differently to bikes, it is important to consider what you need in a commuter bag. Consider the climate of your area and how weatherproof you need your bag to be. Do you need exterior pockets? How many pounds will you be carrying? 

Classic waterproof panniers are good for unpredictable climates and still make it easy to take your things with you. On the other hand, backpack panniers quickly convert into a backpack when you take them off your bike, allowing you to stay hands-free all day. Many backpack panniers also have exterior pockets to store and organize your belongings. If you’re looking to accessorize and give yourself more room, sling bags make a great addition to panniers, so you can decide what you’ll carry and what goes on the back of the bike.

Make It Rain

Waterproof panniers for commuting like the Bergen Pannier 2  and the Mardy are perfect for a daily commute with unpredictable weather. The Bergen 2 and the Mardy are both waterproof with built-in rain covers to withstand most weather conditions. It fastens to a bike's rear rack with innovative Fidlock® magnetic buckles and with its 21.8L capacity, you're able to bring everything essential for your day on the go. This laptop pannier keeps electronics like your laptops, tablets and phones protected with its internal padded sleeve. It also has an outside pocket for tucking away the shoulder strap, or storing a water bottle so you can hydrate, or take your morning pick-me-up to go with an insulated water bottle.

Weigh Your Options 

Backpack panniers are a popular choice because they fit easily on the back of a bike and convert to a backpack when needed. Commuter bags like the Ara Backpack and Mardy Backpack Pannier have roomy compartments and weatherproof features. The Mardy Backpack has a cold storage compartment and multiple extra pockets, perfect for grocery trips or packing food for the day. Another popular style is the Zinger Backpack Pannier for children. It has similar features as the Mardy Backpack but is perfect in size for a commute to school. The Zinger has a "hook and loop" attachment system that is helpful when in a hurry. 

Be Fashionably On Time 

mini sling

Maybe you need a little more storage separate from your pannier bag. Sling bags are perfectly compact across-the-body bags for phones, wallets, and other personal items on the go. The Vega Sling is lightweight and flexible so it's ready to go wherever you go. Although it looks slim on the outside, it can fit a 12-inch laptop or tablet and has multiple pockets for smaller items. It also has a port for an internal water supply so you can stay hydrated in style. The Beta Mini Sling, on the other hand (or other shoulder), is the smallest storage bag in the Po Campo collection. It can be worn in three different ways so you can change up your look without sacrificing comfort. The Beta Mini is also reflective for nighttime commuting. 

Pannier bags are the perfect companion for a morning commute or afternoon bike trip. With so many styles and accommodations, you can be certain you’ll find the right fit. Whether you pair a sling with a classic pannier or choose a stylish backpack, you can find the most suitable bike bags for your daily needs. Panniers for commuting make it easy to be comfortable and safe. They are a bike commuters #1 helper.


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