Bike Commuter Backpacks - How To Find The One That Works Best For You

Getting from point A to B on a bicycle can be easy if you have a short commute. As a bonus, bike commutes provide exercise to get your mind and muscles working at the beginning of the day. However, getting your items to point B while you cycle is perhaps not as easy if you aren’t prepared. You can try carrying your things, attempt to precariously balance them, utilize a satchel, or toss them in a backpack. Unless you’re an acrobat or have extra arms, the first two options may not be ideal. Luckily, Po Campo has your back when looking for other carrying options. Finding the style and functionality that are the perfect fit for all of your on-the-go storage needs is crucial when deciding what to buy. 

What Size Should I Choose For My Bike Commuter Backpack?

Big or small, for work or for a joyride, finding the right size pack for your needs can be tricky. If you think back to your school days, you’ll remember it’s easy to lose your items in an oversized bag. Similarly, you can’t fit a 12” laptop in a hip pack. Keep your storage needs in mind when selecting the proper bag to accompany you on your bicycle.  

Reflective and Waterproof

 reflective backpacks - waterproof backpacks - bike commuter backpack

Reflective material on commuter bags helps with safety, so other commuters can see you coming. Therefore, look for bike commuter bags with reflective material or strips. If your bag is lacking this, you may want to add a couple reflector pins.

You also want your bag to be waterproof, or at least very rain resistant! Don’t expect any ole’ backpack to offer protection. Quality waterproof bags will protect your important items from getting ruined. 

Mardy Backpack Pannier Commuter Backpack

Consider How The Bag Attaches To The Bike

Backpacks that are designed for bike commuters have attachments that easily hook to your rear rack, transforming them into panniers. (Not sure how to say panniers, or how to pack them? Read about bike panniers). Look for bags that don’t require you to sacrifice too much of your precious time hooking and unhooking. The last thing you want to lose on your commute is extra time.

bike commuter backpacks - vega sling by Po Campo

Fashion Sense

A bike commuter backpack can come in all shapes and sizes and doesn’t have to stay in backpack form. Some bags can adjust to become sling bags and others can look more like purses. If fashion sense is important to you, consider choosing a bag that converts on the go.  

Bike Commuter Backpack Options

Po Campo offers a wide variety of bike bags and scooter bags to help the two-wheeled commuter.

Comfort, Style, and Space...The perfect bag does indeed exist

Ara Backpack - Bike Commuter Backpack

The Ara Backpack is the largest backpack in the new City Lights collection. To say this is the bag that has it all is an understatement. The spacious main compartment and strategically placed pockets keep the essentials easily accessible, which in turn eliminates digging into the notorious black hole. In addition to convenient and ample storage. The Ara bike commuter backpack also offers a helmet harness and a retractable attachment hook for your e-scooter handlebars. Order the Ara reflective backpack here and start commuting in style and comfort. 

Looks can be deceiving

vega sling

Don’t be fooled by the slim, compact design of the Vega sling. This single shoulder strap bag may look small on the outside but the inside is spacious enough to comfortably fit a 12” laptop or tablet. The multitude of pockets provide space for all the accessories needed to keep you connected. The Vega sling also has a bike light attachment point, and a port for an internal water reservoir. You can find the Vega sling bag here.

Tiny but mighty and oh so versatile

Aster Hip Pack

This small but spacious commuter bag can be worn over the shoulder or around your hips. With an internal pocket large enough for a tablet, organization pockets and a zippered pocket in the flap, space is anything but limited in the compact Aster Hip Pack. The moisture wicking padding, and adjustable strap make this bag comfortable and easy to wear on even the longest commute. The petite size is perfect for eliminating unnecessary bulk, and downsizing to just the essentials. Be the envy of the coffee shop and have this on-the-go necessity for your next commute.

Minimalist defined


Mini Sling

As the smallest bag available in the City Lights collection, the Beta Mini Sling is the perfect commuter bag for any minimalist. The fleece lined primary pocket is perfect for your phone or a pair of glasses, and the additional pockets can hold a stash of emergency cash, a credit card, spare change, or even a bike lock key. Due to the compact size, this sling can be worn as a crossbody bag, it can attach to your belt, or you can even use it as a lanyard pouch around your neck. This sling is a must have regardless of any other commuter bags you may already own.  The Beta Mini Sling is simplicity defined, and an essential addition.

Supersize it

If you're looking for something that has a lot more room and a little pizzazz, then the Mardy Backpack Pannier might be right for you. This commuter bag is versatile, and extremely spacious. The Mardy can be attached directly to your bicycle, worn as a backpack or worn on your shoulder: the possibilities with this bag are endless. Take it on a picnic, to the grocery store, or even on a multi-day bike riding event. This bag has a separate insulated compartment to keep items cold, hot, or just keep a pair of smelly, sweaty shoes from stinking up the other items in the main compartment. The Mardy Backpack Pannier is a jack of all trades.

Fun on the outside, function on the inside


This kid-friendly commuter backpack offers not only an eye catching design and bright colors, but also a tremendous amount of space. The Zinger Backpack was designed with kids in mind but is suitable for adults too. Just like the Mardy, the Zinger can also attach directly to your bicycle, relieving your back from the weight of its contents. The padded pocket provides ample space for a Chromebook or other electronic device, and the remaining pockets provide space for a change of clothes, books, device accessories, or any items that are required for your day.

Whether you are commuting to work, upping the exercise game, riding for fun, or just making small changes to reduce your carbon footprint, find a commuter bag that will ensure your safety, protect your belongings, and fasten to your ride. Make your commutes easier and lighten the load!


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