The 5 Best Gifts for the Cyclist in Your Life

Cyclists are picky about their gear. If it is going to go on the bike, it must serve a purpose as well as look good. The best way to figure out what to give your favorite cyclist is to define what kind of biking they do. Are they a: commuter, road cyclist, fitness rider, grocery-getter, urban mover, juggling mom? Whatever the type of rider, we have the perfect gift for both on and off the bike.

#1: Gift ideas for road cyclists

For the road cyclist, chances are she wants a lightweight bag that holds just the essentials, like her phone, keys, wallet, some money, and snacks. She also doesn’t want a bag that is going to hinder the ride in any way. For the roadie in your life, we recommend the Kinga Handlebar Bag.

Kinga Handlebar Bag in Mosaic ($49.50)

Kinga Handlebar Bag weighs less than a pound and it's spacious to hold what she needs and keeps everything at arm's reach. It also has easy to use Velcro straps to keep the bag in place while riding and within seconds it comes off and serves as a transitional shoulder bag. The styling is great whether on or off the bike.

#2: Gifts for the car-free

For people who live their life by bike, they'll need a large capacity bag that they can use to carry everything from their groceries, items for a full day of activities, or even clothes for an overnight trip. For this cyclist, we recommend our Mardy Cargo Pannier, our largest bag with 25.1L of capacity.

Mardy Cargo Pannier ($145)

Beyond being our largest capacity bag, the Mardy Cargo Pannier boasts a separate shoe compartment, built-in rain fly, a blinking LED zipper pull. Plus, it's made out of recycled water bottles! This is truly a feature-packed bag.


#3: Gift ideas for bike commuters

For the bike commuter, if they are bike commuting to work or school, they probably carry things for everyday use including items such as a laptop and maybe lunch. The Bergen Pannier and Irving Backpack Pannier all have laptop sleeves, space for a sack lunch, and pockets to keep everything organized.

To choose between these two styles, consider the capacity and carrying preferences.

The Bergen Pannier is larger capacity (21.8L) than Irving Backpack Panner the (18.5L) so if your cyclist carries a lot of stuff, this is the one to get.

Bergen Pannier in Black Herringbone ($120)

- If size isn't as important, consider how the rider prefers to carry their bags. The Bergen is worn as a crossbody bag off the bike, while the Irving converts to a backpack. What style of bag does your cylist usually opt for?


Irving Backpack Pannier in Black Herringbone ($110)

 #4 Gifts for Recreational Cyclists 

For the recreational rider, where the intent is not speed and intensity but getting outside and enjoying some exercise with friends and family, then opting for a medium size bag is a good choice. Our Uptown Trunk Bag fits the essentials plus a light sweater, small picnic lunch – or a six-pack. It attaches to the trunk rack at the back of the bike securely with Velcro strips (see video here). This is the perfect on and off bag for the casual day out on the bike.


Uptown Bike Trunk Bag in Black Herringbone ($75)

#5 Gifts for the Touring Cyclist 

For the Touring and Adventure Cyclist - For bike touring and other forms of adventure cycling, chances are that the Po Campo bag will be just one of many bags used on the bike.  While we have bags of all shapes and sizes, one thing that sets a Po Campo bag from other bags is how well it converts to a crossbody bag or backpack off the bike. In other words, if your cyclist is detaching one bag and using it as her normal bag in town, it'll be her Po Campo bag.

The Kinga Handlebar Bags and Uptown Bike Trunk Bags are light to medium capacity - the perfect amount for a day of sightseeing or going out to eat.

Kinga Handlebar Bag

Po Campo Kinga Handlebar Bags

Uptown Bike Trunk Bag in Black Herringbone

Don't forget, free shipping & free returns for the holidays!

Considering buying a Po Campo bag for a gift this holiday season! We're confident they'll be delighted with it, but just in case, we're offering free returns on all orders purchased by Christmas. 


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